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READ: How Catriona Gray helped feed 6,000 families in Smokey Mountain amid COVID-19 pandemic

After raising 2.3 million pesos to help feed thousands of people amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Catriona Gray hopes to raise funds for the victims of a fire in Tondo last April 18.



5/26/2020 10:01 AM
READ: How Catriona Gray helped feed 6,000 families in Smokey Mountain amid COVID-19 pandemic

Screenshots from Catriona Gray YT Channel

Catriona Gray may have already ended her reign as Miss Universe, but her advocacy to “pass the kindness” continues as she helped raise over 2.3 million pesos through Young Focus Philippines where she serves as an ambassador.
Young Focus Philippines’ Managing Director Paul Van Wigjerden and Young Focus Family Care Manager Manuel Manarang shared how Catriona helped them raise funds which have so far helped feed more than 6,000 families in the Smokey Mountain area. 

“You know, I thought of putting something on the internet and Catriona Gray came in the picture,” Wijgerden said. He added: “This turned into an amazing huge campaign where so many kilos of rice have been donated to the people here. So altogether, for thousands and thousands of families we were able to provide rice.”

Manarang, on the other hand, said: “Sa tulong niya, sa tulong ng pakiusap niya sa kanyang mga taong taga-suporta niya, isang malaking bagay ‘yung dumami eh. Nagulat kami eh.

In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, Catriona gave an update about how the money raised helped thousands of lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“During this season, we’ve seen the spread of a lot of different things — the spread of a virus, the spread of uncertainty, the spread of fear. But also in the midst of uncertainty, I’ve been incredibly inspired by something all you have been spreading  — and that’s kindness,” she said. 

She added: “Together with all your generosity, Young Focus has been able to raise 47,000 dollars. That’s 2.3 million pesos for our ongoing ‘No Work, No Rice’ campaign allowing us to feed over 6,000 vulnerable Filipino families in the Smokey Mountain area through over 65,000 kilograms of rice and other food. We’ve also been also able to replenish these families with their supplies every ten days.” 

Expressing her gratitude to everyone who has made the relief drive successful, she also took the opportunity to ask for help on behalf of the victims of a fire incident in Tondo last April in the Smokey Mountain area of Tondo.

“Last month on April 18 in Smokey Mountain, Tondo, fire destroyed the homes of 400 people. With the restrictions and staying at home, what could I possibly do to help? Now I’m not sharing this for public praise nor do I discount that good works are just as valuable if they are not publicized or talked about, but I want to publicly thank all the people who have given so generously alongside me and allowed this operation to be a success,” she said.

“Please continue in helping us pass the kindness. I know in times like these, many of us don’t have much but even the smallest amount makes a difference. And your generosity so far has made such an amazing difference. And I hope you continue to help us to make even more the difference for the lives of these Filipino families,” she added. 

Watch the video below: 

Prior to joining Miss Universe, Catriona Gray has already been at the forefront of helping those in need in the slums of Tondo.