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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Love Lockdown’ gives viewers a peek into the real home of the stars

A voyeur’s dream, sexy thriller ‘Love Lockdown’ was shot entirely during the quarantine period on celebrities’ personal mobile phones.


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5/24/2020 10:46 AM
MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Love Lockdown’ gives viewers a peek into the real home of the stars

Even with the country under community quarantine for the past two months, iWant produced and recently released their latest digital film Love Lockdown that was shot entirely by the actors in their respective homes. The innovative film is a collection of three inter-connected sexy thrillers featuring three groups of Kapamilya artists in what are arguably their most provocative roles to date.

Love Lockdown opens with the story of an architect named Jacob (Jake Cuenca) who fools his wife Lesley (Angelica Panganiban) into thinking he is stuck out of town during quarantine when the truth is he is holed up in a love nest with his mistress, a social media influencer named Karen (Kylie Verzosa). Real-life couple Jake and Kylie get to show off their sexy physiques in an intimate setting which has the couple going through the highs and lows of an illicit affair in a spacious and modern high-rise unit somewhere in the city. When Jacob’s stress levels go out of control after receiving unexpected news about his wife, the situation takes a dark turn for everyone.

In the second story arc, housewife Lesley (Angelica) has resolved to move on from her cheating husband and ends up getting to know one of her neighbors named Allan (JM De Guzman) who offers to help her after she suspects someone has been entering her home at night. Lesley and Allan end up getting closer until she discovers that her mysterious neighbor has a very, very dark past. Angel and JM show that they’ve still got the chemistry that they first showed in That Thing Called Tadhana, and were actually able to shoot their scenes together because they live in the same compound in real life along with their director.

The last story in Love Lockdown features the story of professional online troll and social media personality Abby (Sue Ramirez) who ends up falling for a businessman named Darren (Tony Labrusca) after striking up a conversation with him online. Their virtual relationship deepens to the point of them sharing a very intimate moment together despite the physical distance. Sue shows she is ready for daring projects like what Tony has been doing in previous films. The unexpected presence of Darren’s friend Fred (Arjo Atayde) after their encounter will turn Abby’s online and real life upside down.

Love Lockdown is now available for free streaming on iWant.