Korina Sanchez gets tested for COVID-19, shares results

Korina Sanchez also opened up about quarantining away from her kids for a while since she has to do some outside work.



5/23/2020 5:07 PM
Korina Sanchez gets tested for COVID-19, shares results

Photo credit: @korina IG

On Saturday, May 23, veteran broadcaster Korina Sanchez shared on her Instagram page photos that she got tested for COVID-19.



She also revealed the test results on the caption, "My first errands on this self imposed work/quarantine period away from my family is to get tested.
My chest XRay, NORMAL✔️
My first ever rapid test, NORMAL✔️
No symptoms, no fever✔️.
So I am starting on this necessary adventure clean and clear.👍💪 Now up to me to be careful enough not to get infected. Making sure. Watch the videos of how the new normal with certain establishments look like.💚 Keeping safe is the #BestLife."

Earlier during the day, Korina has been posting photos of her with her twin children - Pepe and Pilar.



In the caption of her first post, she mentioned about doing outside work and that she will quarantine away from her babies for a while.

"Today is a heartbreaking day for Mama. I have to do some work outside the home. So being exposed to places and people I'll have to quarantine myself from our own home where we have elderly, seniors and two babies. I understand. As a working class mom, and I insist on earning my own money, I also need to make the sacrifice.

"So today off I go to my other place and stay there for a week of working...and THEN count 14 days lockdown in my unit to be sure I’m uninfected. Only then can I go back to see and hug and kiss my kids again. Awwwww...... What we have to do in our new normal.💔💋🥰"

In another post, Korina updated her followers, saying that she spent all morning with them. "So we spent all morning together until Mama went off to stay away for at least three weeks. Yes. 3 long weeks. Naubos ko sila nang kakahalik at singhot. I'll miss those feet, those heads of hair na mapawis at medyo maasim, the way they scream “Mamaaaaaa!?”. FaceTime every free time," she said.

"Now, I face the world under “new normal” circumstances. Follow me and see what it’s like out there.💪😘🙏💋💚 God is mightiest and will protect me," Korina added.