Here’s how Marjorie Barretto celebrated her 46th birthday

Marjorie Barretto thanked her children for making her birthday special amid the COVID-19 pandemic.



5/21/2020 9:17 AM
Here’s how Marjorie Barretto celebrated her 46th birthday

Photo credit: @marjbarretto IG

Marjorie Barretto, who turned 46 years old last Tuesday, May 19, shared how she celebrated her birthday this year. 



Marjorie, who had a simple celebration at home with her five children—Dani, Julia, Claudia, Leon, and Erich—as well as her son-in-law Xavi, said her children made her feel special during her birthday despite the circumstances.

From the food she’s been craving to the video greetings she received from her closest family and friends, the Barretto matriarch said she had a blast on her 46th birthday.

“I celebrated my 46th birthday yesterday, and my kids went all out to make me feel EXTRA special in every way ... from treating me to all the food that I've been craving for and gathering video greetings from my family and close friends that made me laugh and cry so much,” she wrote.

Marjorie went on to share that the intimacy of the celebration made it more special. Meanwhile, she thanked all the people who sent her gifts for her birthday.

“This birthday was different, quiet, and intimate ... it was PRICELESS. Thank you to all those who went out of their way to greet me, sent me food, flowers, and gifts, to those who sent me beautiful messages, I felt so loved. It is during these times that one realizes who and what really matters in our lives. I will remember each one of you, I will keep you in my heart.”