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Jake Cuenca on shooting ‘Love Lockdown’ at home: ‘Mas naiintindihan ko kung gaano kahirap ang trabaho nila’

‘Love Lockdown’ actor Jake Cuenca shares how he shot scenes from his latest film inside his condo during lockdown.


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5/18/2020 9:55 AM
Jake Cuenca on shooting ‘Love Lockdown’ at home: ‘Mas naiintindihan ko kung gaano kahirap ang trabaho nila’

Photo credit: @iwantofficial Instagram

In the sexy suspense iWant digital film Love Lockdown, Jake Cuenca plays the role of two-timing husband Jacob who decided to spend the lockdown with his mistress Karen (played by real-life girlfriend Kylie Verzosa). Jake admitted that he never expected to do a movie while the entire country was under community quarantine. “I think my favorite part of the whole experience was just to act period. Seriously the whole lockdown, with everything that’s happening, as an actor, you’re missing your craft. I find myself wanting to express myself and I even told Kylie at certain points that I wanted to shoot certain monologues from the play that I was about to do that also got cancelled. I guess it was the law of attraction. I was attracting that kind of energy and then Dreamscape came and offered this. Something really brand new, something exciting that I’ve never done before. I always said that I always wanted to be behind the camera as well but I was definitely not rushing to do that. Hindi ako nagmamadali gawin yun but I guess it just landed in my lap. It happened just like that,” he shared.

Having to take direction from his director via virtual meetings, Jake said he learned a lot about being behind the camera from the whole experience. “Although it was very tiring kasi after the three days of shooting I was completely exhausted. I was asleep for two days. Yung experience naman namin was talagang ngaragan. We had to learn things that we didn’t know how to do like we had to learn how to use the audio. I didn’t know how to do that. And also the lights and everything. Also just a newfound respect for people on the set. Newfound respect for people behind the camera. I’ve always respected the production. Yung thinking ko lagi, kung pagod kaming artista, mas pagod yung staff, yung production. This time around mas naiintindihan ko kung gaano kahirap ang trabaho nila kasi we had to actually do it. And I think for me that’s a blessing,” he explained.

Jake said that more than anything else, he is happy to be able to practice his craft and learn more about the production side of the industry. ”I think because of this whole experience I can cherish the work space even more. You get to respect your co-workers even more. It takes a village but in this occasion parang it took a very, very small village to get something like this done. But thankful din ako na si direk Darnel (Villaflor) din ang director namin kasi he really guided us through everything. To direct everything through Zoom hindi rin madali yun. But I think my favorite part out of all this was just having to act and I just find it such a big blessing to have the opportunity to act in this time of crisis with everything that’s happening,” he said.

Love Lockdown is now available for free streaming on iWant.