WATCH: Ivana Alawi gets pranked by Raffy Tulfo

In the said prank, Ivana Alawi got a ‘complaint’ from a woman who allegedly received expired relief goods from her.



5/13/2020 12:27 PM
WATCH: Ivana Alawi gets pranked by Raffy Tulfo

Screenshot from Raffy Tulfo in Action YT Channel

In what she thought was a regular guesting, Ivana Alawi’s appearance on Raffy Tulfo’s online show turned into a nightmare for the Kapamilya star and YouTuber who got caught off-guard after finding out that she would be taking the hot seat. 

But what the Sino Ang May Sala actress didn’t know was it was part of a prank Tulfo orchestrated with her family. 

Ivana, who came prepared for what was supposed to be an interview, suddenly became an offender after a certain Loida Rivera of Cubao, Quezon City allegedly experienced food poisoning after receiving expired goods from the actress.

It can be recalled that Ivana, in a YouTube Vlog, documented her relief efforts which benefited communities in Taguig, Mandaluyong, and Quezon City.

The ‘complainant’ initially tried to ask for 200,000 pesos in damages to buy a new house, among others. But Alawi refused to give her the said amount and instead offered to pay for the hospital bills and give her a sari-sari store.

Things escalatedwhen Rivera tried to ask for compensation on behalf of the three other ‘victims’ who allegedly received expired donations from her as well. 

Ivana, in shock at the turn of events, cried at one point during the video call. But at the end of the conversation, it was revealed that Rivera is a fan of Ivana. 

Meanwhile, Raffy Tulfo praised the 23-year-old actress for showing to the world what kind-hearted person she is.

Watch the video below: