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Julia Barretto on living solo during quarantine: ‘I have my bad days’

Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto shares her quarantine life experience during a recent online radio interview.

Julia Barretto on living solo during quarantine: ‘I have my bad days’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


05/13/2020 10:45 AM
Julia Barretto on living solo during quarantine: ‘I have my bad days’
Photo credit: @juliabarretto IG

During her May 11 guesting on the local radio station Magic 89.9 Facebook Live session, Julia Barretto shared how she is doing since moving out of the family home last year and living solo during community quarantine since March. The 23-year-old actress shared that she has been busy learning to hone her cooking and baking skills without putting it on camera. “I know how to cook but I’m not good at cooking show type kasi parang I don’t know. Maybe I’m just shy. I don’t want to come of as nag-fi-feeling. But I like to do it. Siyempre when I was on camera, I didn’t know how to properly explain the things that I was doing. A real chef or somebody who really knows the right terms of what you’re doing when you’re cooking. Nahihiya ako eh. But I’m leaning towards what I do in a day or workout routines (for my vlog),” she explained.

For Mother’s day, Julia revealed they had a simple but fun celebration. “It was just my siblings and myself with my mom. We ordered some balloons, flowers, and I ordered lots of food for everyone. We have no choice but really embrace little stuff like this and find joy in that. Kasi we don’t really have a lot of choice now,” she shared.

Julia said that the decision to get her own house was advice from her mom Marjorie. “My mom was actually the one who gave me the idea of having a house built. But it was also my personal choice. I wanted to live in the same village because family is number one to me. I never want to be away from my siblings especially my mom because I’m also only just 23. I know and acknowledge the fact that I still need a lot of guiding growing up. I need a lot of guidance but I feel more independent now. I really do run the house but I also find comfort knowing that my mom’s just around and I can always just run to her house for absolutely anything. I’m pretty much obsessed with her,” she said.

During her online interview with Magic 89.9, the Block Z star also shared that her family never pressured her to go into showbiz. “She never wanted me to get into the business. I did my first show when I was six years old and it was supposed to be for a short time to shoot. I wanted to try it out because I watched everyone in my family do it. Naturally, seeing all of them doing that, parang I want to try this out. It made me curious also. And then it was supposed to be just one show. After that, they gave me a second show. After the second show, that’s when they sat me down and gave me that talk. Because of course they’ve been in the industry longer and I really cried to them. I was probably nine years old already at that time when I really begged them to allow me and so they let me. I feel like it really runs in my veins. I don’t know. They allowed me eventually so how many years later. I started at six and I’m 23 now,” she recalled.

Another revelation Julia shared was postponing her decision to go to college and take up Psychology. “Honestly, I think this is always my answer every time they ask me if I had done anything differently, I think it’s when I graduated high school, I considered doing a gap year because I was really super busy, I wish that I tried harder to make singit college. It’s never too late but I see a lot of my classmates na done na and parang sana nasabayan ko yun. But it’s fine. There’s no pressure naman. There’s a lot of time pa for that. Definitely I would’ve taken up psychology. I think there are two parts when you take up psych, parang there’s the science part of it and there’s more of the understanding of behavior and stuff,” she said.

When she’s just at home, Julia said she is just like any other girl who has their good days and bad days. “I have my bad days like I’ll feel off today. But there are days when I wake up and I feel like I’m glowing today and that’s when I take my selfies. And my gosh when I take selfies nakakahiya . I’m not vain pero siguro mga nakaka-more than 40(shots) din ako. Ang hirap maging girl (laughs),” she added