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Julia Barretto on handling intrigues: ‘I could’ve easily gave up and said I want to leave’

Julia Barretto shares how life is growing up in a showbiz family and the state of her heart at the moment.



05/13/2020 10:35 AM
Julia Barretto on handling intrigues: ‘I could’ve easily gave up and said I want to leave’
Photo credit: @juliabarretto IG

With fame comes the territory of a necessary number of fans and sometimes bashers who all add to the star power and infamy of a celebrity. Even before she entered show business, Julia Barretto said she already knew about the sacrifices she would have to make in terms of private life.

In an interview on the Magic 89.9 Facebook page last May 11, the 23-year-old actress revealed why she never lets what the bashers say affect her. “I think I’ve experienced this not just recently but growing up, like being in a family na nasa limelight na eh. So you parang you really deal with stuff like this at an early age. In my case, you hear stuff about family and they have stuff to say about you because your related or whatever. So I dealt with it growing up. So the bashing and people who are so opinionated about your life or about your choices, it’s not a surprise to me anymore. And I think at the end of the day, I really can’t explain what instilled this in me, I think a big part of it is my mom, but I never really pay attention to the opinion of others especially if they don’t know me or I don’t know them. They don’t know the whole narrative so I really have the gift that I’m really able to shrug it off,” she explained.

Julia gave credit to her family for supporting her through every issue and problem she has faced in the industry. “Compartmentalizing things like what matters and what doesn’t and I think it’s the bashers that really don’t matter to me clearly right. I think what’s important is just having a very strong support system, like your core. So you’re not afloat, you have a core and you know yourself so well. It’s like an anchor so parang kahit nagkaka-waves sa sea, nandiyan ka lang. Parang okay ka lang. I think I just have the mindset that things really do pass. Nothing really is permanent,” she added.

Despite some very personal attacks she gets online from rabid fans, Julia said she never once thought of quitting the industry altogether because of her love for her craft. “No actually thankfully, with everything that I’ve been through that I could’ve easily gave up and said I want to leave. I think when you love something so much, any hurdle that may come, it’s really not what’s going to stop you. I think the only thing that can really stop you is yourself, is when you decide that you’re done and you’ve done enough. But I never actually got to that point that I wanted to stop doing it because I love what I do so much. So it’s only recently in my career and in my life that I realized also for myself that of course you hear a lot of the complaints like we don’t get our privacy. It really does come with the job. But once you’ve set that boundary for yourself, if there’s anything you don’t feel like sharing or uncomfortable sharing, I think you should be honest about it and tell them that this is not something I feel comfortable sharing. Kasi parang so much of ourselves we gave na eh. But if you ask them nicely to respect with family stuff or your love life, if you just set that boundary, I always tell people that I’m in this industry because I love to act so much but I’m not in this industry for people to really meddle with my personal life. So I set that boundary and I think they know that of me. It’s up to you din,” she shared.
When it comes to what attracts her to men, Julia said she looks for qualities like being a good conversationalist and being a gentleman. “I think just being to have a good conversation. I really love talking and I am so passionate about the things I talk about. Just being somebody who’s there for you, someone who understands you. A gentleman and somebody you can have a good conversation with,” she explained.

When asked about her dating status, Julia said that she prefers those details private. “My heart is fine right now actually. Thankfully it’s happy right now. But I think as to whether I’m single or not, I think I’m not going to answer that for now. I want to keep people wondering. Honestly, with everything that’s going on, that’s really the last thing they should be concerned about. But let’s keep them wondering first. It’s very happy,” she said.