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EXCLUSIVE: Jake Cuenca on spending quarantine with Kylie Verzosa: ‘I love her more than anything’

‘Love Lockdown’ actor Jake Cuenca reveals how their relationship has changed after spending everyday together for two months.


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5/12/2020 9:25 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Jake Cuenca on spending quarantine with Kylie Verzosa: ‘I love her more than anything’

Photo credit: @juancarloscuenca IG

Even with the country still under home quarantine this month, Dreamscape Entertainment announced the their latest project, the iWant original movie Love Lockdown which includes Jake Cuenca. “I play the role of Jacob who is married to Lesly and who’s having an a affair with Karen and he decides to spend the quarantine with his mistress (played by his real-life girlfriend model and actress Kylie Verzosa),” he told PUSH

The talented Kapamilya actor who has also been spending the past two months in home quarantine with Kylie, admitted they are still taking it slow when it comes to getting married. “Me and Kylie are stronger now. The biggest challenge was to actually shoot this episode we both had to be in front and behind the camera for this episode but it was definitely an unforgettable experience for the both of us. We’re still taking it one day at a time. I am so grateful for Kylie and I love her more than anything and I do think of marriage sometimes but what I want is for her to reach her dream and same with mine and right now we are focused on helping each other achieve them together,” he explained.

The couple have been enjoying their time at home with their pet dogs Nuggie and Leo. “I look forward to waking up every day and look after them. Me and Kylie, we don’t really care so much about what people think or realize about us. Our relationship is something we cherish together and only together. We don’t easily get influenced by anyone else for me she’s my best friend and my girlfriend and I’ve never said that about anyone else in my life. For me, she covers all of that and the lockdown has just affirmed that even more so,” he shared.

Before Love Lockdown, Jake was looking forward to reprising his role in this year’s Sandbox Collective’s production of Lungs last March. But Jake said he is confident they will be back on stage again soon. “We were definitely disappointed we weren’t able to perform, we were two days out from opening night after months of rehearsing. It’s sad but it was necessary but for me as selfish as it sound with theatre I got what I wanted from it. The learning experience growth being around passionate people who just wanted to be there for the craft and the humbling honesty the feedback of theatre I got all that during rehearsals and performing in front of five to 10 people at a time. it’s disappointing we weren’t able to perform in front of a live audience but it will come back. we will definitely run it back once everything is better,” he said.

Even with his busy career, Jake said that doing theater will always have a special place in his heart. “I’m always open to do plays and to be part of the theatre community like I said before. Once a year or at least once every two years I will always do a play. Theatre is what saves me from burning out it revives my passion and reinvigorates my love for acting,” he added