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Park Seo-joon opens up about how ‘Itaewon Class’ made an impact on his life

Park Seo-joon also shares how ‘Park Saeroyi’ influenced him as a person.



04/07/2020 09:05 AM
Park Seo-joon opens up about how ‘Itaewon Class’ made an impact on his life
Photo credit: @bn_sj2013 Instagram

It’s pretty understandable why fans of Itaewon Class are having a hard time getting over the hit Netflix series. For one, it teaches an invaluable lesson about dreaming big and not letting anyone define the successes of a person in life.

Secondly, the characters on the show leave a mark in the audiences—creating a certain connection between them. And even Park Seo-joon, who plays the lead character in the show—Park Saeroyi—still couldn’t move on from the inspiring role he has portrayed. 

In an 11-minute video shared on his YouTube channel, the South Korean actor opened up about how his character in the show influenced him. 

“Honestly, I'm not really prepared for it. Yesterday, I felt a bit awkward,” he said. 

He added: “When we approached our 7th month, I felt a little uncomfortable because no matter how hard I tried to keep my everyday life separate from Saeroyi, I feel like the character exerted a huge influence on me as I live in the present.

Admitting that he isn’t ready to let go of his character just yet, he stated: “It became quite difficult around the fifth month. And now that we're done with Saeroyi, I feel pretty strange. I'm not ready yet, I think I'm going to let him go slowly, and without haste.

He went on: “When I watch the last episode, I guess I'm going to feel pretty much that it's over. Until then, I hope, I will keep on hanging on and supporting it.”

Sharing how Itaewon Class made an impact in his life, the 31-year-old actor specifically pointed out the values and beliefs embodied by Park Saeroyi through his lines made him reflect about his life.

“The significance of Itaewon Class will probably be the lines spoken by Saeroyi. It has led me to reflect on my life once more — dwelling on a person's beliefs, simple honesty, and the person's thoughts on values and the values on a person's mind,” he said. 

He went on to reflect about his life, sharing how his dreams became a reality — just like Park Saeroyi who was once a dreamer. 

“Some people may say that it is only possible in dramas or it happens only in dramas, but when I look back at my life, I thought that becoming an actor was something that only happens in films.

He added: “However, I think that nothing is impossible if I keep on dreaming, putting it into action, and sticking to my standard.”

Watch the video below:

Itaewon Class follows the story of Park Saeroyi, a strong-willed young man who gets everything he set his eyes on. Determined to follow the footsteps of his father, he eventually held together a group of youths to build a pub in Itaewon — a small neighborhood in South Korea. From there, he started to build an empire of his own. 

Currently at the third spot on Netflix Philippines, Itaewon Class also stars Kim Da-mi, Kwon Nara, Lee Joo-young, Ahn Bo-hyun, Kim Dong-hee, Yoo Jae-myung, and Kim Hye-eun.