Dayanara Torres finishes her cancer treatment

Dayanara Torres shared that her latest results showed that she is now free of cancer.



4/6/2020 9:27 AM
Dayanara Torres finishes her cancer treatment

Photo credit: @dayanarapr

Dayanara Torres shared that she is finally done with her cancer treatment.

Speaking to Pops Fernandez in an Instagram Live video, the former Miss Universe shared that after more than a year of treatment, her latest test results showed that she is now negative of cancer. It was in February 2019 when Dayanara revealed that she was diagnosed with skin cancer.

“For a year, I’ve been battling cancer. It was found last year. It was out of the blue. I was working. I was being a judge on a show which is like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in Spanish, flying every week at the beginning of the year. The next morning, I found out it was cancer,” Dayanara shared. 

She continued, "I started treatment for a year and I thank the Lord and everyone for all the prayers. It’s amazing the amount of love and support that I received. Last week, on Monday, I had my last test to just check if there’s anything kind of like left over hanging around, and everything was negative." 

Dayanara will still need to do follow-up check-ups to ensure that a recurrence will not happen. 

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The actress shared that she would love to visit the Philippines again after the pandemic will be over. 

"As soon as this is over, I definitely need to go back. I miss everybody,” she said.