Cheska Kramer grows food in her backyard

Cheska Kramer bought veggie pods and started growing various kinds of vegetables in her own backyard.



4/28/2020 8:45 AM
Cheska Kramer grows food in her backyard

Photo credit: @chekakramer IG

Cheska Kramer is making the most out of the enhanced community quarantine by growing food in her own backyard. 

On Instagram, Kramer shared a series of photos and videos showing her followers her fully-germinated seeds and newly-sprouted vegetables placed in veggie pods they built around their house.

“I’ve been checking on my veggie pods. And I’m so amazed because it’s only been three or four days. And my seeds have finally germinated. And as can you see, I already have my plants sprouting — my vegetables,” she shared. 

She added: “I started planting these seeds Thursday night because we still had to assemble my veggie pods. So excited to be full of different kinds of vegetables.”


It is true, " the bounty is plentiful for mother nature." 🌿

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Among the vegetables she planted were eggplants, pechay, kangkong, radish, tomatoes, and lettuce