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  • Celebrity life coach Myke Celis has advice on how to deal with the pressures of the lockdown.

Celebrity life coach Myke Celis gives tips on how to find silver linings in the extended ECQ

Celebrity life coach Myke Celis has advice on how to deal with the pressures of the lockdown.

Celebrity life coach Myke Celis gives tips on how to find silver linings in the extended ECQ-Leo Bukas
Leo Bukas

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04/25/2020 01:08 PM
Celebrity life coach Myke Celis gives tips on how to find silver linings in the extended ECQ

Extended until May 15, 2020 ang enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) dahil sa COVID-19 crisis at iba’t iba ang reaksyon ng mga taong apektado nito.

Majority of which are anchored on fear, anger, and sadness due to the loss of freedom, and all other aspects of one's life that have also been put to hold.

In an unfamiliar situation that renders people  stressed, powerless and sometimes even hopeless each and every time it gets extended, admittedly it's quite hard to find the silver lining, so to speak.

Imagine, how can one see beyond lost jobs, income, opportunities among others if those are the things they initially value the most?

Celebrity Life Coach Myke Celis who has extensive experience in coaching highly successful people globally, has this to say: 

“Let’s start first by not being resistant to the idea. Extending the lockdown will allow us to flatten the curve and hopefully resolve the COVID-19 issue soon. We must take to heart that we are in this together and we must do what will benefit us in the long run. A little sacrifice will go a long way.”

Patuloy niya, “Whatever we are going through right now, and the emotions that we have, we also share with the rest of the world. The thing is: the corona virus has become the great equalizer—it debunked the usual divisions caused by race, gender, geography, religion, beliefs and status.

“On that note, for people who let themselves be defined by what they have and what they have accomplished, they find themselves spiraling down because they've been stripped off of their power.”

Si Celis ang author ng best-selling book series na #bestmeever which is set to make an international debut soon.

“However, truth be told, hard as it may seem, if there’s one thing that the corona virus lockdown has given us, it's the opportunity to find ourselves.

“This situation has allowed us to focus on who we are and not on the things that we initially thought defined us. We now manage to recognize the fact that we needed to acknowledge what matters most in our lives like ourselves, our well being and the people who make us feel grateful to be alive,” pagbabahagi pa niya.

Paano nga ba natin makikita ang magagandang bagay sa kabila ng health crisis na ito?

“Imagine this,  would you rather be safe at home or in the hospital fighting for your life? The thing is we forget what really matters the most when we are overwhelmed by our initial losses.

“We forget that at this point in time that we are lucky that we are well and that we can always choose to start all over again, in our current space, with what we have, and who we are, as we focus on what we can still be in the process,” he said.

Ayon pa sa celebrity life coach, dapat mag-focus lang sa magagandang bagay ang mga tao habang naka-quarantine.

Aniya, “You finally have time to relax and unwind. To do the things you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t have the time then. You can now discover more about yourself as you learn a new skill, or pursue a new hobby.

“You get to spend time with your loved ones more as you get to bond with them on a deeper level. You get to have a clearer idea about your spending habits which can benefit you in the long run. You slowly gain discipline in the way you eat and exercise as you indulge in new self-care routines to keep you mentally and physically fit.

“You allow yourself to grow by maximizing your own space as you seek ways to adapt and thrive, discovering strengths you thought you never had. Focus on what's next for you by starting to re-align your values and goals, based on the learnings that you have gotten from this experience.”

The celebrity life coach ends the interview with this:

“The COVID-19 pandemic changes everyone in the process. You will never be the same person after all of this is over. It brings out the best and worst in people. However, know that you have a choice. The choice to see the good in every single day, until the lockdown is finally lifted. Hang on and keep the faith. All will be well soon.”

Coach Myke is offering his service for those people who are having a hard time coping and experiencing anxiety and depression because of the lockdown. They just have to book a schedule via calendly.com/coach-myke-celis , on a first come first served basis.