Shamcey Supsup: ‘Grades are not everything’

Shamcey Supsup looks back on her journey as student.

Shamcey Supsup: ‘Grades are not everything’-PUSH TEAM

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04/24/2020 04:05 PM
Shamcey Supsup: ‘Grades are not everything’

Shamcey Supsup admitted that she used to be "grade conscious" when she was still a student. In an Instagram post, the beauty queen-entrepreneur shared a snapshot of her college transcript and shared her realizations about education.

"I grew up to be really 'grade conscious' or 'GC' for short. It didn't matter if I really learned anything as long as I get the grade, I was fine. But now, I am more than certain that grades are not everything. Grades should be a byproduct of learning," she posted. 



She added that what one does with the knowledge is "more important than what is on your report card." 

Shamcey Supsup honored with her new role as National Director of Miss Universe Philippines Organization

Shamcey studied at the University of the Philippines Diliman where she graduated magna cum laude in Architecture.

She was hailed as Binibining Pilipinas Universe in 2011 and finished 3rd runner-up in the Miss Universe pageant. 

In 2019, she became the national director of the Miss Universe franchise in the Philippines.