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  • Nadine Lustre shares her own experience of dealing with mental health as well as her realizations in life while on quarantine.

Nadine Lustre has advice to those dealing with mental health while on quarantine

Nadine Lustre shares her own experience of dealing with mental health as well as her realizations in life while on quarantine.



04/17/2020 09:06 AM
Nadine Lustre has advice to those dealing with mental health while on quarantine

For the first time in months, Nadine Lustre granted an interview where she opened up about dealing with her mental health.

In a Facebook Live interview with TV and radio personality Tim Yap, the 26-year-old celebrity talked about a lot of things about her personal life including what she’s been up to lately and what it’s like living independently.

According to Nadine, she decided to move to a condo in Makati because her brother is studying at a school located in the city. But living on her own made her realize a lot of things about herself — especially while on quarantine.

“One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned during the quarantine period is that I just learned how to stop doubting myself and I started believing in myself more,” she began.

While a lot of people look up to her, Nadine admitted that she always felt like she wasn’t “enough.” But being in isolation changed all of that.

“I reflected din about a lot of things. Personal. Medyo deep. But I really think na parang the universe is giving us time to work on ourselves and grow even more. Parang it’s also showing us na all you need to help yourself grow is yourself. Kasi we are enough. But what we have now and what we know now is enough. And that’s all we need eh,” she stated.

The singer-actress, a staunch mental health advocate, opened up about dealing with her own mental well-being.

“That’s also one of the biggest issues that I had. Kasi I don’t get to see my friends. So you know, when bad thoughts come into my head — parang ako kasi I’m the type na when I start thinking about one thing, it’s like a rabbit hole. It goes down and then it gets really bad. And then I start to get a panic attack and I start crying. And I don’t know what to do. That’s how it is for me,” she said.

Meanwhile, she gave a piece of advice to those having problems dealing with their mental health — citing the importance of having someone to lean on. 

“Just have all your good friends on standby. Ako I message them all the time. They’re always there for me. Kasi it is a crucial time eh. Kasi you don’t get to see these people. And you know it’s true that one thing that helps with all those negative thoughts, anxiety is another person to tell you na ‘hindi, hindi ‘yan totoo. It’s not going to happen, it’s okay,’” she said.

For those who fear opening up about how they feel, Nadine suggests it’s better to not to keep things to themselves.

Tsaka I also believe na it’s not bad to break down sometimes. Kasi you need to feel it eh. You can’t just keep holding it up and then eventually you’re going to bottle up. Mas delikado ‘yung ganun. So when I start to think about you know about weird stuff, I cry out kaagad,” she stated.

According to her, it’s important to let things out and tell your problems to whoever you trust — especially during these trying times.

Kasi before I was really embarrassed. Like every time I would have bad thoughts, parang I think to myself na parang ayokong ikwento kasi baka sabihin ang shallow ko or baka sabihin ang sama ko mag-isip and all that. But that’s why you have your friends. That’s why you have these people that you trust, ‘di ba?”

She went on: “These people who will get your back every time you’re in trouble. That’s why they’re all there — to understand you no matter how negative or how crazy the thought is. They’re always there to look after you no matter what happens. And especially now, lalo na ngayon, ‘di ba? Dapat talaga we’re all supporting each other.” 

When asked how her heart is doing right now, Nadine simply said she learned a lot of things from what happened in her personal life, adding that none of them would have been understood if not for that same experience.

“I’m okay. I’m really good, though. Super okay. You know, a lot has happened and I know it’s not — kasi what happened kasi it’s not something that I am really upset about. You know, things happen for a reason. Who knows? Like I learned a lot of things about myself eh. And I discovered a lot of new things din. I think I wouldn’t have learned those things if that never happened. I really believe it’s all timing,” she said.