Nathalie Hart shares three birthday wishes

Nathalie Hart turns 28 years old.

Nathalie Hart shares three birthday wishes-PUSH TEAM

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04/15/2020 11:41 AM
Nathalie Hart shares three birthday wishes
Photo credit: @imnathaliehart IG

Nathalie Hart took to Instagram to share her birthday wishes this year. The actress turned 28 years old recently.

"Thank you for all the wonderful messages and greetings. I have 3 wishes for today. 1: the COVID 19 to go away. 2: I hope everyone can cooperate with our government," she said on Instagram.

The actress added, "Our president Duterte is handling too much in his plate. Also Everyone is affected in this pandemic.  3: Wishing my daughter and family to have great health. Happy 28th birthday to me."

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Nathalie celebrated her birthday with her daughter Penelope.

She also posted her clip with her daughter who was adorably greeting her a happy birthday. 

Nathalie recently starred in the iWant series titled Sunday Night Fever.  She played the role of Kim in the show.