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Eric “Eruption” Tai is happy for his former ‘It’s Showtime’ co-host Anne Curtis

Former ‘It’s Showtime’ host Eric Tai reveals why he's in no rush for baby number two.

Eric “Eruption” Tai is happy for his former ‘It’s Showtime’ co-host Anne Curtis-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/07/2020 11:49 AM
Eric “Eruption” Tai is happy for his former ‘It’s Showtime’ co-host Anne Curtis
Photo credit: @eruption23 on Instagram

Even though it’s been a while since he co-hosted the popular noontime variety show It’s Showtime, Eric Tai said he has kept in close touch with his former co-hosts and is happy for all the good news in their personal lives. The host more popularly known as “Eruption” said he was able to visit Anne Curtis in Australia last month during a vacation with his family. “We were with her a month ago. It was really great to see her. She was very, very excited to become a mom. And she’ll be a great mom. Oh my gosh, she’s going to be awesome and Erwan (Heussaff) is great, too. Lahat kami (sa show) married na ‘di ba? Well Jhong (Hilario) is on the verge. I’m so happy for them. I’ve never seen Vice (Ganda) so happy. She is on every cloud right now. And Ryan Bang sana siya yung susunod (na ikasal). I’m just very happy for everybody with the Showtime family. It’s good that we still keep in touch,” he said during the Ayumi Eyelash Extensions and Nail Art thanksgiving party in BGC.

With his son Legend turning a year old last March 5, Eric said he is proud of the little one. “You realize a lot about your baby as they grow, especially those spurts from three months to six months. Especially now that Legend is starting to talk and crawl everywhere. He’s crawling up the stairs by himself! We didn’t even teach him. I realize he’s a strong kid. These are things that us parents should not miss out on. We really should embrace that because there comes a time that they get older and become toddlers and they start studying and then next thing you know they’re going out on dates and then they go on missions and work. We only have a certain amount of time as parents to really embrace everything of our own kid’s growth. So I want to be there. I’m a really hands-on dad as well,” he said.

Growing up in a big family in Australia, Eric said he has grown a lot as a dad as well. “I never thought I would be like this. Like daddy duties, it should come naturally. Ang payo ko sa mga parents you should try to spend more time with your kids. Especially sa mga tatay, we’re not just providers, we’re there to be a daddy and a guardian and a supporter to our kids. Learning from the experiences sa mga brothers ko who have six kids each, and all my other friends who have kids, I take wonderful lessons from them and then I try to utilize those lessons and try and use them for Legend,” he said.

After getting into the e-sports arena last year, Eric said his new online career gives him more time with his son. “It’s just a blessing to work from home. When Legend was born, I don’t have to be out every day. I just wake up in the morning, make sure that Legend is okay, and then I go to the other room and then I start streaming, I work, and then I train, and check out Legend again to see if he’s okay and if I have work or taping then I’ll do that as well but for the most part I’m thankful to have a really great support and a great mother like Rona. She’s wonderful and then we have two kasambahays and yaya Marissa who is so good at looking after Legend. 2019 was a great blessed year and now it’s time to continue and let the ball keep on rolling and do our best as parents, as workers, and as a father and mother,” he explained.

After sharing his and his wife Rona’s journey to conceive via IVF, Eric said they’re not in any hurry to get pregnant again anytime soon. “It was a very hard pregnancy. The road to baby Tai was hard so let us see in the future. Pero sa ngayon I think the most important thing is that we’re both healthy and fit. So yan yung goal namin this year. We will look into it maybe at the end of the year, if ever, kung yan ang kagustuhan din ng Diyos. Talagang we’ll do our best,” he added.