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  • After three years of being single, Roxanne Barcelo admitted that she’s now dating a non-showbiz guy.

Roxanne Barcelo admits to dating non-showbiz guy

After three years of being single, Roxanne Barcelo admitted that she’s now dating a non-showbiz guy.



03/06/2020 05:24 PM
Roxanne Barcelo admits to dating non-showbiz guy

After three years of being single, Roxanne Barcelo admitted that she’s now dating a non-showbiz guy.



Thank you, I found my voice again.🙏 Oh, what a journey it has been... 🥰 From Somewhere Over The Rainbow to Ugoy Ng Duyan making my way to Diamonds Are A Girl’s bestfriend then How Did You Know... 🌈👩‍👧💎💒 I had a dream that once was lost... I also had a promise I had not fulfilled... But through @tawagngtanghalan @itsshowtimena @a_listmanila I was able to fulfill a step in this big dream of mine and fulfill a promise to my beloved Tatay. Madlang people, you believed in me just like Tatay did. I will forever be grateful and in love with you for that. You unlocked my cold heart and made me feel good again. I want to hug each and everyone of you who has prayed, messaged and voted for me. You made me laugh, cry, and feel inspired again. I have never felt more open and understood in my life. I am still broken but you give me strength oh Lord. Thank you for this chance to do what I truly love to do. I can dream, love, sing, laugh, cry and be myself again. I love you madlang People. For you, I will write music again. For you, I will sing again. Tatay, I miss you. I hope you are proud of me. I wanna thank my family... Nanay, @timbarcelo (my lifecoach), @allanaltera , @iamrolee , @angelicaaltera , @boggydiaz , @jafeliciano , @sineldarwin , @kimbcatapang , @carellgarciahairmakeup @charliemanapat @lionelguico for being with me every step of this journey towards finding my voice again. I am #blessed because of you all. Let no tribulation silence your voice again. We will find our strength and courage together. I truly love you all.❤️🌈🥰😘

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“Yes,” said the 35-year-old when asked by the press whether or not she is seeing someone at the moment.

“I’ve always been ready to love,” added Roxanne, who refused to give more details on her newest date.

However, she clarified that she wants to take things slowly but surely with her love life.

“Being single for three years, I’ve had very amazing moments of realizing na I can be single and happy at the same time. ‘Yung na-realize ko na I don’t actually need a partner to make me happy was the best experience of my life, na I can travel by myself, my friends can bring joy to me and I can bring joy to them, and my family has always been there for me. So, if anything, narealize ko during these times na wala man akong love life in the three years, you can actually experience life to the fullest pa rin being single,” she said.

“Finding yourself again and again and again and again can be a tiring process, but once you do find yourself again… minsan kasi you get lost in a relationship e, ‘di ba? …  ‘Yung realization mo na, parang, ire-discover mo ‘yung sarili mo. Ang sarap din na process na bago mo kilalanin ‘yung ibang tao, kilalanin mo muna ‘yung sarili mo,” she continued.

Asked if her previous relationship actor-model Wil Devaughn had something to do with her decision to date a non-showbiz guy, Roxanne said: “Not really kasi si Wil naman and I have been, by choice, really good friends naman before and after the relationship. He’s actually… he looks like he’s very happy right now and I’m very happy for him. So hindi naman nakakapaso ‘yung relasyon na ‘yon. It’s just more of, parang, it was a relationship that I really enjoyed naman at the time.”

Roxanne was cornered by the press during the media conference held this Friday, March 6, for her newest show, the iWant Original Series “Fluid,” where she will star opposite actor Joross Gamboa and Miss Globe 2015 titlist Ann Colis.

In the Benedict Mique-helmed (“MOMOL Nights”) series, Roxanne plays the role of Mitch, who figures in a love triangle with her cheating ex-boyfriend Jacob (Joross) and an out-and-proud, confident lesbian George (Ann).

In the trailer, Mitch goes on a journey to self-discovery after being cheated on by Jacob. Despite never having been in a relationship with a woman before, she agrees to date women upon the suggestion and encouragement of her friends. Soon, she meets George, who challenges her to get away from her comfort zone. Mitch agrees to go on dates with George, and finds comfort and support in her. 

The attraction between Mitch and George encounters a complication when the former’s ex-boyfriend, Jacob, returns to ask for her forgiveness and woo her back.

“First time ko talaga to do a role like this and sobra siyang challenging, even before saying yes to the project,” said Roxanne of the project.

She went on: “As in, from the start to finish, I was really on my toes the whole time. More than kaba, it was really like unsure ako. Like, ‘Paano ba ‘to? Ano ba ‘to?’ Ang dami kong mga tanong kay direk even before starting this project.

“But thank goodness na it’s with Direk Benedict. As in, hands down, one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with. This is sumatutal ng work life ko. He is really one of the most amazing directors I’ve worked with. Very unique si direk as a director. Siguro kasi ang ganda ng background niya as a writer. So … kahit eight days kami nag-shoot for this, ‘yung eight days talagang… ‘yung journey ko to realize who Mitch is within myself, ano siya talaga, it was very cerebral. Ang galing niya mag-explain e. Ine-explain niya ‘yung roots ng character mo. Detailed talaga. You really have to be moldable, and you have to be like clay. As a character, I almost have to be fluid kasi kailangan… minsan kasi kapag gagawa ka ng isang role, ang dami mong sini-set sa sarili mo. Tanggal [‘yun dapat] lahat. You have to come to set moldable and ready to be directed in every way possible. Masasabi ko na kinalimutan ko talaga ‘yung sarili ko as Roxanne for this one.”

Roxanne admitted that playing a character who identifies as a gender-fluid was a whole new experience for her.

“Sobrang nanibago ako. Alam niyo naman, aware naman kayo sa preference ko. At the same time, I really said to myself na ‘yung ‘ako’, tanggal dito. You really have to watch it. You really have to watch kung ano ba ‘yung naramdaman ni Mitch as a girl who has gone through so much heartbreak, napagod na magmahal, ayaw na sa lalaki. Ayaw na niya na masaktan. Ayaw na niyang maloko,” she said. 

She also heaped praises on her onscreen partner, Ann, and admitted that if she were Mitch, she would “really, truly be attracted to her and her personality.”

“Masasabi ko na Ann, she’s really so beautiful. Like, in person, ‘pag nakita niyo, stunner talaga siya. She’s tall. She has a beautiful [morena] color. Ang ganda ng mata niya, and very captivating ‘yung look niya talaga,” she said.

“Abangan niyo [‘yung scenes namin],” she added.

Meanwhile, Roxanne could not help but turn emotional as she talked about a particular scene she shared with veteran actor Al Tantay, who plays the role of her father in the show.

“A scene last night na kinunan. Ang bait talaga ni direk. I can say na ‘yung pulso ko as an actor and as a person, feeling ko nahuli niya ‘yung kiliti ko, kasi ‘yung eksena was with me and direk Al Tantay as my father. Sa dami ng scenes namin, doon ko talaga masasabi na, shocks, more than my director, I think he’s my friend. … Masyadong malapit sa ‘kin ‘yung dad ko rito, and in real life, alam niyo naman na I’m super close to my dad. So, in how many months, since June of last year, kagabi lang ako naka-akap talaga ng almost like my dad,” she said.

Roxanne lost her father, Antonio Barcelo, whom she has credited as her No. 1 supporter and foundation along with her mother, after suffering a stroke in July last year.



Happy Father's Day to both my Tatay and my Nanay.♥️ I want to honor you both today as you take turns and also simultaneously father me and @timbarcelo 🙏 You are strong examples and models of pure love, strength, perseverence, courage and good character. I always say you are our wealth just as you say we are yours. You always do your best for us. And so today, I just want to thank you with all my heart and soul and tell you I'm never giving up on you because you NEVER gave up on us. I will care for you because you always take care of us. And I will continue to pursue my dreams because you both did and never stopped til you reached them. One day soon I will creatively share with everyone how amazing you both are. Stay with me... please.🙏 I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH AND WILL HONOR YOU. *** This photo is from Eto Na Musikal nAPO when I played Jane. They watched and were so proud of me. I could see their big smiles when they were in the audience. They know every song by heart.♥️ I am right here, Tatay. I love you so much. #Tataysgirl

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“Very ano talaga… ‘yung mga linya na sinabi ni direk Al Tantay parang, ‘yun din ‘yung sinasabi ng tatay ko sa akin. As in word for word. [Isang line na doon ‘yung], ‘Pag malungkot ka, malungkot din ako. ‘Pag masaya ka, masaya rin ako.’ [Na-miss] ko ‘yung gano’ng eksenahan sa buhay ko,” she added.

According to her, this is just one of the many reasons why she is thankful to have accepted the project. 

“Buti na lang I said yes [to this project] kasi now, I can say na I’ve had one of the best experiences in my work life,” she added.

“Fluid” begins streaming on March 13 for free on the iWant app or iwant.ph.