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  • Netflix has unveiled eight exciting new titles slated for release in the coming months.

Eight new Korean shows and films to watch out for on Netflix

Netflix has unveiled eight exciting new titles slated for release in the coming months.

Eight new Korean shows and films to watch out for on Netflix-PUSH TEAM


03/24/2020 12:05 PM
Eight new Korean shows and films to watch out for on Netflix
Photo credit to Netflix

There are no signs of slowing down for Netflix in producing more original Korean content as the streaming giant announced on Monday, March 23, that a new wave of shows is coming soon. 

With the first two seasons of the South Korean zombie series Kingdom proving to be a massive hit, indeed, it was only a matter of time before Netflix announces the exciting slate of new original content from Korea. And now, it’s finally here.

From reality to crime and sci-fi to romance and dramas, fans of Korean shows across the globe are in for some “best-in-class” stories from Netflix in the coming months. 

First on the list is Rugal which will follow the story of Kang Gi-beom — a violence crimes unit detective whose eyes get slashed after witnessing a terrorist group called ARGOS murder his wife. But soon enough, he will get to take revenge on ARGOS for the death of his wife as a special organization called Rugal — through the help of its chief executive director — turns him into a human weapon.

Starring Choi Jin-hyuk, Park Sung-woong, Rugal comes out on March 28, 2020. 

Second is Time To Hunt which will follow the story of Jun-seok — a man who attempts to start a new life with his friends Jang-ho, Ki-hoon, and Sang-soo after getting released from prison.

Starring Lee Je-hoon, Ahn Jae-hong, Choi Woo-shik, Park Jeong-min, Park Hae-soo, Time to Hunt hits Netflix on April 4, 2020. 

Third is Extracurricular which will follow the story of a group of students who chose to live a life full of crime — taking risks for money. Then again, Oh Jisoo, Seo Minhee, and Bae Gyuri will soon realize that there’s no turning back from the life they chose to live and that their bad choices have consequences they could never undo. 

Starring Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Joo-hyun, Extracurricular will start streaming on Netflix this April 29, 2020. 

Fourth is the highly-anticipated return of Lee Min-ho via the romantic fantasy drama The King: Eternal Monarch. The said series will follow the story of Lee Gon, a King seeking to seal gateways between dimensions and a police inspector named Jung Tung-tae whose goal in life is to protect other people. 

Set to premiere on Netflix in April, other cast include Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-hwan, Kim Kyung-nam, Jung Eun-chae. 

The fifth is It’s Okay Not To Be Okay which will follow the story of a romance between Moon Gae-tae, a caretaker from a psychiatric ward who doesn’t believe in love and Go Moon-young, a children’s book writer who doesn’t have a clue about the concept of love. 

Starring Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Ye-ji, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay hits Netflix this June.

Sixth is Twogether which follows the story of two top celebrities from Seoul and Taipei who go on a trip to several cities in Asia to meet their fans and become friends. It will star Lee Seung-gi and Jasper Liu.

Seventh is The School Nurse Files which will follow the story of a newly appointed high school nurse who discovers secrets and mysteries with her supernatural abilities for chasing ghosts. It will star Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk. 

And last but not least is Sweet Home which will follow the story of Hyun-soo, a reclusive high school student who moves into an old apartment complex called Green Home after the tragic death of his family. He soon finds out that the place is surrounded by monsters who are about to descend upon mankind. It will star Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, and Lee Si-young.

Just recently, Netflix released Korean releases such as Itaewon Class starring Park Seo-jun and Kim Da-mi; Hyena starring Kim Hye-soo and Ju Ji-hoon; Hi Bye, Mama! starring Kim Tae-hee and Lee Kyu-hyung; Hospital Playlist starring Cho Jung-seok, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-Myeung, Jeon Mi-do; and My Holo Love starring Yoon Hyun-min and Ko Sung-hee.