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Richard Juan on strong on-screen chemistry with Kim Chiu: ‘I guess it just comes naturally’

Richard Juan discusses portraying Richie Tan in ‘Love Thy Woman’ and working with Kim Chiu.



03/16/2020 11:30 AM
Richard Juan on strong on-screen chemistry with Kim Chiu: ‘I guess it just comes naturally’

Richard Juan marked 2020 as his return to acting. He is currently portraying the role of Richie Tan, the boss turned business partner of Jia Wong (Kim Chiu), in the hit ABS-CBN afternoon series Love Thy Woman.

“My last acting stint was a couple years back and to be on the same show with so many amazingly experienced actors for my first regular teleserye, parang na-star struck ako sa first couple of days. But eventually naging friends din kami lahat. I am truly so blessed to be able to ask for tips from so many highly experienced veteran actors and actresses. I am also blessed to have such patient directors who are able to get the best out of me too. It really is such a privilege and honor to have the trust of the whole team for my first regular teleserye,” Richard said in an interview with PUSH. 

Asked why he decided to venture into acting again, the actor-host remarked, “After Pinoy Big Brother, I have done a lot of hosting, modeling, travel influencing, and vlogging. This also includes doing international projects, working with Sandara Park in a Korean show, meeting Jackson Wang and Mark Tuan of Got7, interviewing celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, and even becoming a speaker at an awards ceremony of New York Times! After all of that, I felt like one thing was missing, which was acting, so I thought maybe I should give it a try again.”


It was the first time for Richard to work with Kim and he had nothing but good words about her. He shared that the actress has been considerate and supportive when it comes to executing their scenes in the series.

“There was actually one sequence that we did that involved super duper long lines na deep emotions din for me but despite the fact that I messed up my lines a couple times, she did not get mad at me but instead helped me out din to lighten it up a little para di ako ma-pressure. Kaya super nice, super bait,” he shared. 

Numerous television viewers have been commending his natural on-screen chemistry with Kim inLove Thy Woman. How did he manage to establish such a strong chemistry with the actress?

“I honestly don’t know at all (laughs). I guess it just comes naturally? Especially how most if not all my scenes as of this moment involves Kim. Maybe it also helps that we are friends naman din off-cam? I’m not sure! But I’m just glad that people do see the chemistry and hopefully people will continue to support Richie Tan,” the actor stated. 

Even now that fans are theorizing that his character might become a potential love interest of Kim’s, Richard said that he does not want to be pressured by this possible development in his character.

“My goal is still the same naman, which is to give justice to the character and do the very best to portray the character - let it be a ‘love interest’ or not, it’s all about doing the very best and give justice to the character,” he stated. 

Richard has also been earning praises for his natural portrayal of Richie Tan and the actor admitted that he did not expect such a reception. He confessed that he was initially anxious about how his portrayal would be received by the television audience. 

“It was really a pleasant surprise when I read all the positive comments. Before my debut on the show, I was really afraid, unsure how people would respond to my character and of course my acting also. I’m just so happy with such a good start and it motivates me to do even better. I guess I’ll have to really thank Star Hunt (his acting management) for providing me workshops with direk Rahyan Carlos,” he stated. 

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Though Richie and Jia’s story is still a developing one, the actor shared that they have already taped scenes that fans should watch out for. 

“Actually, I don’t know how our Richie and Jia story will transpire because the writers are still writing the story as of this moment. But one thing for sure is that there are a couple of interesting turning points that the audience can look forward to,” Richard revealed.