Wil Dasovich receives good news two years after he went into cancer remission

Wil Dasovich shared a health update in his latest vlog.



02/09/2020 10:09 AM
Wil Dasovich receives good news two years after he went into cancer remission
Photo credit: @Wil Dasovich Youtube Channel

Wil Dasovich received great news after he submitted himself for his bi-annual check up in the United States two years since he was declared "cancer-free." His new colonoscopy results showed that there are no signs of polyps in his colon. This is the first time that it happened since he went into remission.

"Awesome news. Apparently, there are zero polyps. I just woke and the first thing I said was, ‘Did they find anything?’ They’re like, ‘No.’ And I screamed, ‘Yes!’” he remarked in his latest vlog.

Previously, doctors found "a polyp of significant size" which could lead to an operation.

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"This would involve removing my entire colon, my entire large intestine, and then I would have it back… it would change the entire quality of living… it was a decision I wasn’t ready to make. I’d rather just keep on living and keep my chances rather than go through that.  And that is why this successful colonoscopy is so monumental because it’s the first time in these two years that they didn’t find anything,” he stated.

Wil was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2017. The YouTuber has been sharing his battle with the disease in his vlogs.

In 2018, he was declared cancer-free. “Life is full of ups and downs and part of living is finding a way to surpass as many obstacles thrown at your course," he emotionally said upon announcing that he no longer has cancer.