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Eddie Garcia Act umarangkada na sa Kongreso

FDCP Chair Liza Dino, inalala ang pinagdaanan para maitaguyod ang batas para kapakanan ng manggagawa sa film industry.

Eddie Garcia Act umarangkada na sa Kongreso-Leo Bukas
Leo Bukas

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02/06/2020 10:58 AM
Eddie Garcia Act umarangkada na sa Kongreso

Emosyonal si Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Chairwoman Liza Dino na finally ay umarangkada na rin sa Kongreso ang Eddie Garcia Act na may layuning protektahan ang mga nagtatrabaho sa film industry.

“I never thought this day would come. But it’s finally happening,” bulalas ni Liza.

Matindi ang malasakit ni Liza sa industriya ng pelikula at naniniwala siyang makikinabang ang maliliit na manggagawa sa pelikula kapag naratipikahan na ang Eddie Garcia Act.

“I said to myself before; if there's only ONE thing na magagawa ko para sa industriya ng pelikulang Pilipino as head of FDCP, it would be to push for a law that would set standards on the working conditions of our workers—from working hours to occupational safety and health guidelines on the set, to social benefits, tenure and a minimum wage table for all sectors.

“As an actress myself, I’ve experienced first-hand these struggles plaguing the industry, which has been around for a hundred years.

“But this proved to be one of the HARDEST to accomplish,” she said.

Since 2017 after the Film Workers Summit ay nagkaroon na rin ng consultative meetings si Chairman Liza with the workers from various sectors—from the technical crew to creative and technical workers, directors, producers, and actors—para makapag-propose ng policies and guidelines sa Department of Labor and Employment on the working conditions and safety ng mga film workers sa audiovisual industry.

“This hard work and dedication gave birth to a draft joint memorandum circular already in its final stages to protect our workers. DOLE, in partnership with FDCP, will now have a POLICY to set standards and for the working condition of our workers as well as safety guidelines during production.

“But we had a breakthrough last year when a bill was filed by Cong. Michael Romero called the Eddie Garcia Act to protect our Audiovisual Workers. When FDCP was informed about this, we reached out, and he sent his legislative team during our consultations to make sure na naririnig nila ang hinaing ng ating mga mangagawa.

“The bill was filed last year, together with other related bills from various representatives addressing the same concern. And ito na nga, for the past two weeks, we have been attending the Congress Committee Hearings to support our legislators in the crafting of this law,” balita pa niya.

Muli niyang pahayag, “Hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala. Marami sa ating mga workers ang nawalan na ng pag-asa. We hear it during our consultations, and we felt their frustrations. Some would say, nag-aaksaya lang kami ng panahon, marami nang gumawa nito pero wala namang nag-succeed. This fight for worker's rights has been clamored for from the time of the great Lino Brocka up to now pero wala pa ring results.

“But we never lost hope. Siguro, being in government has somehow given us a better understanding of how we can engage with lawmakers and government entities to push our agenda. Despite the challenges, we know in our hearts, we can find ways to make this happen. Basta magkaisa."