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Liza Soberano shares how she got started in the nail spa business

Alabang Hope Wellness Center owner Liza Soberano talks about how she started becoming an entrepreneur.


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2/4/2020 10:40 AM
Liza Soberano shares how she got started in the nail spa business

Photo credit: @lizasoberano on Instagram

After opening the second branch of her Hope Wellness Center business last year, Liza Soberano shared how she started getting into business with just one simple idea. “It started three years ago with what we would call Belissima before. It was originally just a nail spa, no essential oils, we didn’t use natural ingredients and basically I was hands-on with that. And then after a year of it going, we were earning naman but I wasn’t happy because I knew that it wasn’t something that I had to work hard for because it was just my tita Joni who put everything together so I told her we had to rebrand. We can achieve so much more if we put more love and more effort into it. It’s like a relationship. A business is like a labor of love because we spend so much time, so much effort, and money into it, then you might as well put your 100% out. We had to rebrand the aesthetic, the interiors, the marketing schemes, even the services we had to rebrand everything,” she shared.

The Make It With You star admitted she doesn’t want the business to grow too fast too soon because she is a hands-on owner. “Originally, I said I don’t want to have it franchised because I want to maintain the quality of service because if there’s so many franchises of course it’s impossible to go to every single branch. But then, as time goes by, parang we realized na kaya naman. It’s workable naman as long as we get the rhythm of the business down and that way we can have quality control with other franchises. But at the moment, we’re not open for franchise yet because I want the first few branches to be mine. There’s only three of us plus our marketing team that really handle Hope Wellness. So it’s really kind of hard. But once this branch and our original branch becomes more successful and we start generating income then hopefully we’ll be able to open a third branch,” she explained.

As early as now, Liza said she is already thinking of areas she wants to put up more branches in. “Hopefully in the future if Hope Wellness becomes successful, we want to open up a branch in Makati or BGC so that way it’s more in the middle. I don’t have a specific number of branches in my mind but my target is Makati, BGC, Cebu, Palawan, Siargao, places like that,” she said.