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Did you know? Matteo Guidicelli comes from a wealthy clan from Cebu

Matteo Guidicelli is related to some of the most influential names in Cebu.



02/28/2020 09:06 AM
Did you know? Matteo Guidicelli comes from a wealthy clan from Cebu
Photo credit: @matteog IG

Those who have followed Matteo Guidicelli’s journey in showbiz know too well that he comes from a clan of well-respected families in Cebu.

But even though that’s the case, reports about Divine Geronimo supposedly insisting the couple sign a prenuptial agreement before deciding on getting married due to financial concerns have made the rounds online.

In case you didn’t know, a prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that enables a couple to control their assets before marriage should they decide to part ways.

Then again, fans were quick to point out that it’s simply impossible for Matteo Guidicelli to do such a thing to his wife.

First, fans know he is wealthy enough so he does not need to get money from Sarah. But most importantly, fans could see that he loves the Popstar Royalty more than anything else in the world. So why on earth would he do such a thing?

But for the curious, let’s get to know more about Gianmatteo Vittorio Fernan Guidicelli by taking a closer look at his roots.

Having Italian roots, Guidicelli’s family built a restaurant called Da Gianni in honor of his late grandfather of the same name. Currently, it has two branches: one in Cebu and another in Manila.

But Guidicelli’s Filipino roots deserve just as much public attention as his colorful Italian heritage.

Did you know that Guidicelli’s mom Glenna, born to the Fernan clan of Cebu, is also related to some of the most powerful and influential names in the Queen City of the South such as the Ledesmas?

The actor-turned-army reservist’s maternal grandfather is no less than the late Cebu Provincial Prosecutor Vicente “Inting” Fernan who also happens to be the cousin of former Senator and Chief Justice Marcelo Fernan.

While he is known to many as an actor who starred in numerous successful film and television shows, Guidicelli rose to fame as a kart racer who would later capture the hearts of teenage girls.

A well-educated man, Matteo attended both Cebu International School and Brent International School.

Plus, he also enrolled at Columbia College in Chicago, U.S.A. where he took B.A. Performing Arts in the field of musical theatre - that is until he decided to come home to the Philippines.

His interest in acting, which was evident in his decision to take acting workshops at the New York Academy, led him to become one of the most sought-after actors today.

The 29-year-old Kapamilya heartthrob, just like Sarah, is also a recording artist.

Over the years, Matteo has endorsed some of the biggest brands in the market — proving his invaluable influence as a celebrity.

Although Matteo Guidicelli might not be as rich as Sarah Geronimo (or he could be just as rich), one thing is for sure — his love for the Popstar Royalty is as genuine as it could get.