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EXCLUSIVE: Alex Diaz on life after coming out as bisexual: ‘I’m so happy and it’s all good’

Bisexual actor Alex Diaz works out with the fitness instructor who posted about his indecent proposal last year.


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2/27/2020 9:52 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Alex Diaz on life after coming out as bisexual: ‘I’m so happy and it’s all good’

Photo credit: @alexandermcdizz IG

Alex Diaz said he is ready to return to showbiz after surmounting the indecent proposal accusation by fitness instructor Miguel Chanco last year. The two have finally smoothed things over this month after meeting for the first time in months. Alex admitted that instead of being angry, he is happy to finally get the chance to come out as bisexual to his fans. The actor said he worked out hard while staying with family in Canada after going on a two-month hiatus last year. “I want to keep this body right now and I know a lot of people are saying it’s too big but it’s strong. And you can tell on my face that there’s something different,” he said.

Even the way he views his career path in the industry has changed now that he is open with his true sexuality. “I have purpose now. I used to think showbiz was so vapid and selfish but it’s only vapid and selfish when you don’t give it purpose. I was so busy protecting this facade of who I thought I wanted to be, now that I am exactly who I am, I’m so happy and it’s all good. I get to do what I love and what I used to do was great but it was more of doing something to occupy my time. So this is really good,” he said to PUSH.

Except for the general public, Alex admitted he has never explicitly tried to hide his sexuality, especially from his closest friends in showbiz, including James Reid and Nadine Lustre. “Everybody knew. I never wanted to not come out. I think that’s why lumalabas yung rumors. I was out amongst my friends, amongst my family, amongst showbiz. The only people who I wasn’t out to were the fans. So whenever the fans would think out some information, it’s not because they caught me, it’s because I wasn’t hiding. That’s what hurt me the most because I really wanted to be honest with them,” he explained.

Alex also revealed that part of the reason why he felt he had to hide his bisexuality was because of his father. “There’s nothing stopping me now. My father used to manipulate me with my sexuality, saying that he’s the only one that can protect me. Now that I know it was selfish because he was afraid to lose me. Nothing can stop me now. The world is my oyster. It’s like I want to taste all the different flavors of the world and I want to experience it,” he said.

Alex also shared that he is not the same type of partygoer as before. “I have different motivations now. My motivations are now more pure than trying to numb myself. When I go out, it’s like I don’t go overboard anymore. I can go out and have a drink and go home,” he added.