Did Darren Espanto break someone’s heart in the past?

Robi Domingo asked Darren Espanto if the latter already broke someone's heart in the past.



2/26/2020 2:25 PM
Did Darren Espanto break someone’s heart in the past?

Darren Espanto became Robi Domingo's special guest in his latest YouTube vlog for his "KalokoVan" segment. The singer was in the hot seat as Robi asked him intriguing questions about his personal and professional life.

If Darren chose not to answer the sizzling questions, he had to do a challenge.

One of the questions Robi asked was if Darren already broken someone's heart.

The singer confessed, "I'm not proud of it. This is one of my super toxic traits na alam ng mga kaibigan ko, hindi ako marunong mag-commit. Sobrang sama ko noh, takot ako sa commitment, ganon, pero hindi ko rin alam kung bakit ganon ako na tao," he said.

Nonetheless, Darren remarked that he will become more mature over time and will soon learn how to commit.

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"I'm still young I'd say. I feel like over the years I had time to grow as a person din so I will get to the point na I'm mature enough to commit to one person and to really ibuhos talaga ang sarili ko sa kanya," he stated.

Asked if how he is when he is in love, he replied, "I'd like to say when I'm in love with someone I am really in love with that person and attention ko ibibigay ko talaga sa kanya," he stated.