Kathryn Bernardo reveals her biggest fear in life

In her latest vlog, Kathryn Bernardo answered random questions from her fans for them to know her more.



2/25/2020 10:25 AM
Kathryn Bernardo reveals her biggest fear in life

Kathryn Bernardo answered various questions from her fans in her latest vlog titled Answering Your Random Questions (Part 1) on her YouTube channel.

"It's been roughly two months when I launched #EverydayKath and I've gotten so much love from you guys since then! As I've mentioned before, I created this vlog so you can get to know the real me without scripts and pretense. And last December, if you can remember, I asked you to send in questions via Instagram stories. In my latest video, I'm finally answering those questions—no matter how random they are. I'll be doing this every once in a while too for those of you who want to get to know me better!" Kathryn said.

In her vlog, the actress was asked about her biggest fear in life.

In response, she revealed, "'Yung hindi ako ire-respesto ng mga tao. I think 'yun yung pinakamalulungkot ako kapag nawala 'yung respeto sa'yo ng mga tao - respect hindi lang as artista pero as a person. Feeling ko lahat tayo deserve to be respected and ayokong dumating sa point ng life ko na hindi nila ako ire-respeto kung papaano nila ako kausapin, 'yung mga simple things."

The actress was also asked about her pet peeves.

"Una ayokong pumupunta sa bed ko kung galing ka sa labas. Feeling ko kasi 'yung bed it should be clean. Kung saan ka man umupo that day hindi mo dadalhin 'yung bacteria na 'yun sa bed," she stated.

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She added, "Ayoko kapag nagbe-burp na hindi nagi-excuse me."

Kathryn also shared, "I don't like kapag sinisitsitan ako, 'yung kunwari magpapa-picture kayo, hindi ko talaga siya nililingon. May pangalan tayo so call me by my name."

The vlog has already amassed more than 500k views as of this writing.