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Noah Centineo, Lana Condor share lessons after filming ‘To All The Boys’ sequel, tease final installment

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor also shared their experience working with each other for the last two installments in the trilogy.



02/17/2020 09:27 AM
Noah Centineo, Lana Condor share lessons after filming ‘To All The Boys’ sequel, tease final installment

Speaking to members of the Philippine entertainment media through a video conference call, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo opened up about a lot of exciting things including the choices their characters made in the second film and their experience working with each other for the three films. 

Plus, they also shared the lessons they learned after doing the last two films and the things fans can expect in the franchise’s final installment. 

With Lara Jean going one step further in her relationship with Peter in the second film, Condor said she saw Lara Jean taking “more space” — something she said she always wanted her character to find in herself.

“My whole thing for the sequel was like I wanted Lara Jean to learn to use her voice better and I wanted her to take up more space. I think she’s not as alone. She’s more supported with her friends, with her family. The way she holds herself is a little bit more upright and willing to take up a little bit more space,” the actress said.

Teasing what fans can look forward to the growth of Lara Jean’s character in the third film which she already shot with Centineo, Condor added: “It will be most satisfying for the audience and for myself in the third movie because she really does come into her own and finds her voice completely there.”

Centineo, on the other hand, revealed that he shares the same sentiments with those who have seen the film — that Peter Kavinsky “likes to pretend everything is okay when they are not.” 

Luckily for those who hope to see Peter Kavinsky’s character realize the wrong things he has been doing all this time, Centineo teased that fans can definitely see some sort of realization on Kavinsky’s part in the third installment. 

“I think Peter, as a defense mechanism, likes to sugarcoat things. He likes to pretend everything’s okay even when they are not. He really does that in the second movie. By the end of it, I think he realizes that you need to look at the problems that you’re facing. You can’t really deny them. But he really learns it in the third movie. That’s part of his arc in the second but the arc will continue,” Centineo said. 

With several fans wondering why Lara Jean still chose Peter over John Ambrose in the end despite being more comfortable with the latter, Condor explained: “I think she really comes alive with Peter. I think he excites her. And it might not be the safest choice but for her, I think she feels really alive when she’s with him. I think there’s an electricity with Peter that she doesn’t have with John Ambrose. I think John makes her feel calm but Peter disrupts that in a way that Lara Jean needs that to grow.”

Centineo and Condor also had nothing but great words for each other when asked about how it was like working together. 

“Clearly, something was looking out for us — looking out for me specifically just by being able to work with you. But I think for both of us. Because filming a movie like this, having the movie get the response that it did and having lives changed the way that our lives have, if it was anyone else, who knows what our reactions and responses would have been? I feel really lucky,” he said. 

Condor, who described Centineo as a “great leading man,” said: “Working together is really great. I could not imagine anyone else playing Peter Kavinsky. I think you are a really great listener and it shows in your acting,” 

But what exactly did they learn while doing the three films? Both actors agreed it’s all about saving their energies and making sure they both make good time management. 

“For me, it was compartmentalizing my time and learning where to put my energy and where not to put my energy. We shot 2 and 3 back to back but for me, I was like I am in every frame of the movie. It was a learning experience about where you put your energy and to save a little bit of my energy now that I have things to do the next day, and the next day. My time management, I learned a lot as an actor,” Condor said. 

“Just understanding the social structure, knowing when to give someone space. Because much like with family, much like with people that you love, as you were saying, you just have to conserve your energy. There are times when we have game nights and everyone would hang out and there are times when we all have our own time to ourselves,” Centineo stated. 

In P.S. I Still Love You, Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) tries to find her way as she enters a relationship full of firsts with Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo). 

While she has her friends and quirky little sister to draw support from, she faces yet another dilemma when one of the recipients of her old love letters, John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher), unexpectedly returns to her life. 

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is now streaming on Netflix.