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Liza Soberano on being a business owner: ‘There’s always a scare that you might disappoint a client’

‘Make it With You’ star Liza Soberano talks about the most rewarding thing about becoming an entrepreneur.


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2/16/2020 10:23 AM
Liza Soberano on being a business owner: ‘There’s always a scare that you might disappoint a client’

Photo credit: @lizasoberano on Instagram

Aside from starring in the popular primetime series Make It With You, Liza Soberano said she is always updated with her businesses, the Hope Wellness Center in Quezon City and Alabang. “I would say that I’m very hands on as much as I can be because I’m not always physically there to be taking care of my staff, of the branches itself. But that’s why I have my partners like our operations manager and I trust her very much. And my tita Joni as well. They know what they’re doing and they’re taking care of each and every store but I’m always just a text away so whenever they have concerns they actually text me because it’s more of a group effort and we always have to be on the same page. We all have to be happy. So if there’s something that I want that they don’t necessarily like, we all have to compromise to work together and really be happy with whatever we put out there,” she shared.

With her newest branch doing well in the South, Liza said she and Enrique Gil enjoy going there with their family members. “Here in Alabang I haven’t had the time to try all the services yet but I had a massage last week with Enrique and his mom. But I’m very excited to try all our spa rituals which are all done in the VIP room. It’s a complete massage. First it starts off with a body scrub with all natural ingredients and shower of course and then you go into the jacuzzi. I’m so proud about the jacuzzi (laughs) kasi pinaglaban ko yun. I really wanted it. After that is a massage. And then it comes with a hair treatment na. Parang it’s heated coconut oil that we pour onto the hair and then a nice massage na for the head,” she explained.

Off camera, Liza said she also finds fulfillment in receiving good feedback about her business. “I think the most rewarding thing is when you hear people say or post about Hope Wellness and they say, ‘Nawala lahat ng stress ko.’ Parang yun yung pinaka-target talaga namin. We want to relieve people of everything they’re going through because at this day and age, we’re all working really hard and lahat ng tao pagod. Everybody’s always really busy and we just want them to relax a bit and remember to take care of themselves too. Self-love is very important and that’s kind of our mantra here,” she said.

Liza said even if being entrepreneur has its own ups and downs, she takes it as a challenge to always try and improve her brand. ”The hardest part naman of being a business owner I think is parang there’s always a scare that you might disappoint a client and of course we don’t want that. We always want our client to be satisfied and happy and to give only the best for each and every one. I guess that’s the hardest struggle and really being able to spread awareness about the brand itself. Ang goal namin kasi in the future is that when people think of wellness, they think of Hope Wellness,” she added.