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Boyce Avenue member wants to visit Kobe Bryant artwork at Taguig tenement

The boys of Boyce Avenue also shared what connects them to their Pinoy fans.

Boyce Avenue member wants to visit Kobe Bryant artwork at Taguig tenement-PUSH TEAM


02/12/2020 06:48 PM
Boyce Avenue member wants to visit Kobe Bryant artwork at Taguig tenement

Boyce Avenue has been to the country more times than one can count. But despite coming back and forth, the foreign cover band still gets the same warm welcome from their Pinoy fans each time they set foot in the country.

During a press conference for their upcoming shows in the Philippines, the three-piece group shared that being hopeless romantics connects them with their Pinoy fans.

“I think somebody had covered this earlier that you guys are hopeless romantics. And I have to believe that’s why I feel like we connect with this country so much and why they’re connected with us and our music,” member Alejandro Manzano said.

He added: “That was such a good way of putting it. I feel like we’ve always been raised that way. Like it’s almost like we’re hopeless romantics. We feel loved even if it’s a sad song about love. We love that as much as a pure ballad or romantic song about more like the happy side of life.”

The boys, who staged a concert with Moira Dela Torre in the past year, said they’ve seen the same connection with the Kapamilya singer.

“At least with Moira, we noticed that when she would perform. It’s very similar. I have a feeling it would be the same with them [December Avenue, I Belong To The Zoo]. We’ve never seen them live but I have a feeling we’re very similar,” Alejandro added.

Meanwhile, Fabian Manzano, Alejandro’s brother, shared some of the things that he looks forward to doing during his spare time at this year’s visit.

“We should try and stay healthy. And two of my favorite things to do for exercise are boxing and basketball. You know, Daniel as well. What’s really cool is that the Philippines is into boxing and basketball since those two are like the most popular sports. You guys love basketball. In any international tournament, you guys do well in Basketball. Lots of gyms you go to. Boxing with Manny. You know, a bunch of other amazing Filipino boxers. There’s always boxing gyms everywhere. So me personally, I’d like to hit up some basketball courts or boxing gyms. I’m also into sneakers. You guys have decent sneaker culture here,” Fabian said.

Fabian, who revealed that he has seen the popular Kobe Bryant tribute artwork at a tenement in Taguig City via Instagram, said he would visit the place one of these days.



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“You know, I saw like on Instagram. There’s a basketball court with a mural of Kobe Bryant on it. I think it’s in Taguig. So maybe I’d love to go and check that out. So you guys have a really cool music, art, sports culture. Lots to do here obviously.”

A group called Tenement Visual Artists is the mind behind the acclaimed mural featuring basketball legend Kobe Bryant and her daughter Gianna.

Alejandro, on the other hand, cited the mall culture in the Philippines as one of the things that amaze him, saying: “Shopping in general. Like the malls here are pretty epic. I think some of the biggest malls in Asia.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Manzano praised the hotel culture in the Philippines, saying they have had some of their international accommodations in the country.

“I think some of the best hotels we’ve stayed in are in the Philippines. They kinda take care of you. Everything’s there. You can still taste the local food. All these amazing buffets. But you also feel comfortable and well taken care of. So we’ve always appreciated that aspect in touring,” Daniel said.

Seconding Daniel’s statements, Alejandro added: “Some countries they don’t take breakfasts that seriously. But they take it very seriously here."

Boyce Avenue, one of the biggest independent foreign bands right now, is set to perform on February 16 at the Araneta Coliseum.