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Jewel Mische, husband celebrate sixth year as married couple

Former actress Jewel Mische looked back on their ‘kilig and fun but hard’ courtship stage.



12/29/2020 02:09 PM
Jewel Mische, husband celebrate sixth year as married couple
Photo Credit: @mischejewel Instagram

Jewel Mische and her American husband, Alister Kurzer, marked their sixth anniversary as a married couple on Monday, December 28.

The former actress took to Instagram to greet her husband as she posted their wedding photos. 

"6 years. Wow, where do I even begin?" she wrote in the caption.



Looking back on how their relationship began, Jewel described their courtship stage as "kilig and fun, but hard."

"We didn’t kiss, cuddle, lay together... or anything else. We barely hugged and we talked about everything. We waited two years and two months with half of those years being long distance," she said. "Was it easy at times? No, because human flesh likes to deceive us. I had to be reminded many times of the bigger picture."

"One time a friend challenged me and asked, 'Are you sure he’s not gay?' Psh. It was our choice to set boundaries. We needed it. We knew how our 'equipment' worked. We didn’t need to test it out because we were serious in wanting to honor God," she added.

According to Jewel, not being physical forced her and her husband to "develop emotionally."

"It forced us to communicate. And because our visions weren’t clouded by sin & sex, we could really see each other’s flaws," she said. 

"Although that time period was hard, it set a beautiful foundation in our marriage. And I can’t wait to share with Aislah and Emerald about the journey mommy and daddy took," she continued, referring to their two children. "It’s possible to have a Godly courtship in a wicked dating world. God answered my prayer for a man that wouldn’t kiss me til our wedding day even though everyone told me I was crazy!"

Addressing her husband, Jewel wrote: "Happy 6th anniversary, @KurzerAlex. Thank you for finding me. Thank you for waiting for me. Thank you for courting me. Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for leading our family. HERE’S TO FOREVER and may we continue to honor the Lord with this union."

As for Alister, he marked the occasion with a sweet photo of himself and Jewel kissing.



A post shared by Alister Kurzer (@kurzeralex)


In a previous interview, Jewel said she first knew about Alister when she read his testimony about the beauty of keeping one's virginity until marriage on an online website. 

"I only signed up [for the website] just because I was curious," she admitted. "And then I saw his testimony. It moved me, I messaged him, and that started everything."

The couple tied the knot in Michigan, where Alister was born, in March 2015.