WATCH: Kim Seon-ho expresses desire to meet Filipino fans

Will Good Boy Kim Seon-ho visit the Philippines soon?

WATCH: Kim Seon-ho expresses desire to meet Filipino fans -PUSH TEAM


12/24/2020 12:28 PM
WATCH: Kim Seon-ho expresses desire to meet Filipino fans
Photo Credit: @seonho__kim Instagram

South Korean actor Kim Seon-ho said he wants to meet his supporters after reading messages sent to him by his die-hard fans (collectively known as “Team Good Boy”). 



“Hello, fans in the Philippines! I’ll be reading your words of support and love today. Let’s take a look at the comments,” Seon-ho said before reading comments from fans. 

Most comments were about Seon-ho’s character in the show Start-Up—Han Ji-pyeon— whose fictional personality has captured the hearts of fans despite him being only second lead. 

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“You’ve captured my heart from the very start Han Ji-pyeong, my Good boy,” @AbigailAba0429 wrote. He simply responded: “Thank you.” 

“Team Good Boy only because he deserves all the love in the world,” another fan with username @rendcelicip wrote. This prompted a smile from Seon-ho. 

Another fan with username @Iamprettyducklin said she wants to have Ji-pyeong to herself, saying: ”Let me have Good Boy to myself so nobody gets hurt.” To which he replied: “But most of the comments are a bit sad. I think they feel bad for me.” 



Another fan made a comment which Seon-ho described as touching. “Even if I get hurt in the end, I’m with Good Boy all the way,” @akayim7 stated. He then replied with: “This is really touching. Having someone on your side can really make you feel better. 

“Excuse me, Mr. Kim Seon-ho. I think it’s illegal to be this cute,” @MaeAnissa wrote. Seon-ho simply replied with a grin: “Thank you.” 

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“Good morning only to Kim Seon-ho’s dimples,” @samsantechies said. “Dimples? To my dimples? You’re greeting me too, right? Not just my dimples. Thank you,” Seon-ho said. 



Perhaps the most touching comment for Seon-ho was one which attributed him as the reason for motivating her with her studies. 

“Thanks Kim Seon-ho for motivating me to finish my school works earlier so I can watch you again on Start-Up,” user @AineJadji said. 

Seon-ho then said: “I’m really thankful you finished your schoolwork earlier. I recently got a comment where they said they were unable to finish their schoolwork, so I support your comment. It’s really praiseworthy.” 



At the end of the vlog, Seon-ho expressed his desire to meet his Filipino fans soon. 

He said: “The comments were really witty and fun. I think many of you feel bad for Ji-pyeong and sympathize with him, so thank you so much, Filipino fans. I’m so happy you love Ji-pyeong. Let’s meet if we can. Thank you!”