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  • Manila Diamond Studio has issued a statement regarding actress Jessy Mendiola’s controversial engagement ring.

READ: Manila Diamond Studio’s statement on Jessy Mendiola’s engagement ring

Manila Diamond Studio has issued a statement regarding actress Jessy Mendiola’s controversial engagement ring.



12/21/2020 12:53 PM
READ: Manila Diamond Studio’s statement on Jessy Mendiola’s engagement ring
Screenshot from Jessy Mendiola YouTube Channel

Manila Diamond Studio has issued a statement regarding actress Jessy Mendiola's engagement ring, which has been the subject of intrigue after another local jewelry maker, Radiant Lux Jewelry, cried foul over not being given credit as its "original creators."



In its statement, which was released last December 16, Manila Diamond Studio said the opportunity to create the couple's engagement ring was "both a privilege and a challenge" for the company's artisans, "more so since it was the wish of Ms. Mendiola, and, to incorporate a new design in her ring, marking a better and more positive chapter to their lives."

It added that the ring that finally marks the engagement of Luis and Jessy is a "product of the company's craftsmanship and Ms. Mendiola's heart and inspiration."

"While the centerpiece diamond was taken from a ring commissioned, purchased, and fully paid by Mr. (Luis) Manzano, the make and design of Ms. Mendiola's engagement ring from the band to the setting of the diamonds, are original and the fruit of the collaboration between Manila Diamond Studio and Ms. Mendiola. The originality of the actual engagement ring is undeniable in the published photographs and videos," the statement read.

Previously, Radiant Lux Jewelry said it "felt the need to inform the public that this is our work," after Jessy and Luis credited Manila Diamond Studio for the actress' engagement ring.

In her vlog addressing the issue, Jessy said Luis had the ring made last September 2019. 

"He bought the diamond from Radiant Lux Jewelry and nabayaran niya ng buo ‘yung diamond na ‘yun  Unfortunately, maraming bagayang nangyari," she said. 

"Luis and I went through something to the point na naghiwalay kami and this person from Radiant Lux Jewelry was a good friend of mine," she continued. "I trusted her. We both trusted her, Luis and I. We had good faith her that’s why siguro Luis chose her to make my ring kasi friend ko siya. Well, she was my friend."

“Nu’ng naghiwalay kami ni Luis... ‘yung taong ‘to nandu’n siya for me. Hindi ko alam ‘yung intensyon niya nu’ng time na ‘yun, ‘yung purpose niya nu’ng time na ‘yun. But she was there as a friend,” she added.

Unknown to her, her friend at Radiant Lux Jewelry kept bugging Luis to finally get the ring, which he had already paid for, during that time. 

“I just found out about this nu’ng magkaayos na kami ni Lu na during the time na hindi pala kami okay—siyempre ‘yung ring na fully paid na—she kept badgering Luis to get the ring even nu’ng hindi pa kami okay ni Luis," she explained.

She said she understood why Luis was no longer interested in getting the ring—which she and her said friend co-designed—as they were no longer together at that time.

However, “Dumating sa point na for whatever reason, I don’t know kung ano ‘yun, she showed me the ring. And she opened the box in front of me knowing na hindi kami okay ni Luis. She let me wear the ring,” she said.

“So can you imagine the feeling ng babae na hindi kayo ayos nu’ng boyfriend tapos pinasuot sa’yo ‘yung ring. Naisip mo what could’ve been na kung okay kaya kami ni Luis, magpo-propose kaya siya? Kailangan ba umabot sa ganitong point na ibang tao ‘yung magsasabi sa akin?” she added.

According to Jessy, after they got back together and Luis finally got the ring from their friend at Radiant Lux Jewelry, they decided to have the ring reset by Manila Diamond Studio so that they could “move on” and forget the “pain” they felt from the experience.

In its statement, Manila Diamond Studio said it takes exception to the "defamatory statements" posted by Radiant Lux Jewelry on its social media platforms.

"With the strongest of words, Manila Diamond Studio denies the accusation of credit-grabbing and unethical practice. The injurious accusation of Radiant Lux Jewelry is simply without basis, in fact and in law. It is an affront to the name and brand of Manila Diamond Studio and has caused damage to its long-standing business and good will. It is more unfortunate that the false statements issued by Radiant Lux Jewelry and the resulting controversy ruined one of the most memorable and meaningful milestones in Mr. Manzano and Ms. Mendiola's lives," the statement read. 

"It is regrettable that the company's hand is forced to call out Radiant Lux Jewelry, while painstakingly avoiding any public spectacles in the process —an etiquette synonymous with Manila Diamond Studio's name and brand. However, this post serves as Manila Diamond Studio's unwavering commitment to the protection of its brands and clients," it added.