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Binge List: ‘Gameboys’ heightens Pinoy audiences’ passion for BL series

Catch up on the BL trend by watching lockdown hit ‘Gameboys’.

Jude Cartalaba


12/17/2020 04:53 PM
Binge List: ‘Gameboys’ heightens Pinoy audiences’ passion for BL series
Photo credit: @gameboystheseries.ph IG

Perhaps, the love between two boys was heightened when the 2020 Philippine boys' love Web series Gameboys hit the online scene during the lockdown. The groundbreaking series of The IdeaFirst Company directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal, written by Ash M. Malanum, with Perci Intalan and Jun Lana as executive producers became a favorite pastime for many.



Gameboys stars Elijah Canlas and Kokoy De Santos are two fresh faces [though not totally, because these two young actors have appeared in independent films] endeared themselves to Pinoy fans, particularly the BL fans. In the story, Canlas as Cairo Lazaro, is a livestream gamer with a handle Caimazing, who's being pursued by an unknown gamer and fan, Angel2000. De Santos is Gavreel Mendoza Alarcon, the unknown gamer, Angel2000; the former's fan and secret admirer.

What makes this digital series appealing as it beat the other contenders in the best digital series in the recently concluded RAWR 2020 Awards is its relevance and the effective portrayals of both Elijah and Kokoy.

Apart from the two male leads, Adrianna So as Pearl Gatdula, Gavreel's ex-girlfriend, who became his best friend and Cai's, did a great job of serving as the sounding board for the young lovers. It proved that in every relationship, there should be somebody who must be a support system.



Another notable performance in the series is Sue Prado as Cai's mother, who became a widow after her husband died of COVID-19. The series’ supporting actors—Kyle Velino as Terrence Carreon, Gavreel's ex-boyfriend along with Miggy Jimenez as Wesley Torres, Cairo's childhood friend with a handle, masterwesley—are two fine antagonists. 

The series' most talked-about episode is the 10th with a title, Pass or Play 2. On many fronts, that episode could have been the best ending to celebrate and consummate the love story of the two male leads. The discussion must have been on a deeper scale and impactful, too. 

Just as Ricky Lee said in his scriptwriting workshops, "When the characters achieved its goal--the story should end."