WATCH: Kim Seon-ho of ‘Start-Up’ gets ‘kilig’ over fan’s message

Watch Kim Seon-ho reacting to messages from his fans.

WATCH: Kim Seon-ho of ‘Start-Up’ gets ‘kilig’ over fan’s message-PUSH TEAM


12/12/2020 02:03 PM
WATCH: Kim Seon-ho of ‘Start-Up’ gets ‘kilig’ over fan’s message
Screenshot from The Swoon YouTube Channel

Start-Up star Kim Seon-ho read compliments and messages from his fans in a recent vlog uploaded by The Swoon on their YouTube channel. 

"Today I'll read some of your loving and supportive messages written for me. Let’s see what messages I got,” he said. 

One netizen told Seon-ho: "I had a fight at the post office today. I tried to send you my love but they said they don't have a box that big."

Seon-ho couldn't hide his kilig after reading the message and thanked the netizen.

Another netizen wrote: "His dimples are the eight wonders of the world."



In response, Seon-ho shared that his family members got dimples too. 

"All the men on my mother's side of the family have dimples," he said. 

After reading the messages, the actor extended his gratitude to the fans for their sweet messages. 

"All the messages were very witty and funny. I'm so happy to hear that you love Ji-pyeong. Everyone who loves and supports Start-Up, and all the fans who support Ji-pyeong, thank you so much. Thanks to you all, I'm happy all these days.

He added, “I'll try to keep up the good work. Please look forward to it. Thank you so much and I love you.  I'm honored.” 

Seon-ho played the role of Han Ji-pyeong aka “Good Boy” in Start-Up. Ji-pyeong is an angel investor and the first love of the lead character Seo Dal-mi. 

In another video of The Swoon, Jin-pyeong shared his thoughts about playing the character and what his take on his newfound fame.



“When I first read the script, what caught my attention was this: Ji-pyeong goes through a lot of pain and a time of sadness. It’s an interesting character, so I thought it’d be fun to join this drama. That’s all I thought about. I never expected the character to be this popular. Thank you so much for loving Ji-pyeong,” he stated.

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On what he admires most about the character the he was playing, he relayed, “Ji-pyeong secretly takes care of his loved ones. I think that’s his biggest charm. I thought ‘it is possible for someone to do all those things just to repay kindness?’ I think his innocent charm is what makes him shine.”