Former Miss International Bea Rose Santiago reveals she is undergoing dialysis five times a week

Bea Rose Santiago has a chronic kidney disease.



12/01/2020 03:26 PM
Former Miss International Bea Rose Santiago reveals she is undergoing dialysis five times a week
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Bea Rose Santiago shared a health update on social media recently and revealed that she has been undergoing dialysis for five times a week. 

The Miss International 2013 has a chronic kidney disease as she revealed back in 2018. 

In her Instagram post on November 22, Bea shared that she needs to address her protein intake because of her dialysis. 

"So I’ve been having a hard time with my protein intake and now I have low phosphate, low hemoglobin and having muscle aches. My Doctors and nutritionist recommended many vegan options but after 2 months I am now a pescatarian on the weekends and vegetarian on weekdays. I don't consume cow’s milk and eggs but I do love oats milk and goat’s cheese," she shared.

"I need weekly Aranesp and Iron shots to help me since I dialyze 5x a week and each time is 8 hours while I sleep. Works like magic," she added.



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Though she loves being a plant-based eater, she needs to shift her diet because of her health condition. 

"I love being plant based and right now I’m going to slowly transition AGAIN! Only problem is IM A LAZY COOK and a dialysis patient. Still recommending to all to live by a plant-based diet just make sure you eat proper nutrition," she said. 



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After posting her health update, netizens were quick to send their prayers and well wishes to Bea.

"Stay strong Ms. Bea. I had the same experience. It’s been 8yrs beautiful yrs. Since I had my kidney transplant♥️ and nagka baby dn ako after. Always pray lang, nothing is impossible with God. Take care po," one netizen said. 

"I love your positivity...stay strong & keep fighting to be healed & healthy," another netizen commented. 

In 2018, Bea shared that she has been diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease. 

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“Yes, I’m sick. I damaged my kidneys when I was younger. My kidneys are more sensitive than a normal late 20s healthy woman. I can’t overdo things, and I just found out. Came to the hospital for my severe migraines and we found out something potentially more dangerous. I’m thankful but at the same time really scared,” she posted back in 2018. 

She added, “Guys, if you take pre-workout [drinks]… plus heavy workout, be careful! Apparently, there are many more like me! We damaged our kidneys because of our gym life!”