WATCH: Bea Alonzo becomes Enchong Dee’s hairstylist for a day

Bea Alonzo unlocked a new skill!

WATCH: Bea Alonzo becomes Enchong Dee’s hairstylist for a day-PUSH TEAM


11/08/2020 03:57 PM
WATCH: Bea Alonzo becomes Enchong Dee’s hairstylist for a day
Screenshot from Bea Alonzo YouTube Channel

Bea Alonzo fulfilled her dream of becoming a hairstylist — even just for a day — as she took on the challenge of cutting the hair of her best friend, Enchong Dee. 



Me looking at 2020 saying.. “58 days na lang, matatapos ka na” 😝

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In her latest vlog, Bea shared that she has always wanted to try cutting someone else’s hair — especially during the pandemic. But since she doesn’t have anyone to experiment her skills on, she tried doing it on her pet Walter. 

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“Rememeber, nung ECQ nagkaroon ng time na we could not go to salons, barbershops, or parlors? We just decided to cut each other’s hairs. ‘Yung iba ginugupitan ‘yung asawa nila, ‘yung mga anak nila. At aliw na aliw ako,” Bea explained. 

She went on: “Iniisip ko sana may ginugupitan din ako. At alam niyo triny kong gupitan si Walter [‘yung aso ko] pero nagalit siya sa akin. So it didn’t work out very, very well.”

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But after noticing on Instagram that her best friend Enchong Dee has grown long hair, she took it as a chance to offer her services to him. 

“Months later, nakita ko si Enchong sa Instagram. Ang haba ng hair niya. Sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Okay lang ba sa’yo gupitan kita?’ Guess what? He agreed,” she shared. 

With the help of her hairstylist Brent Sales, Bea pulled off the hairtsyle Enchong Dee wanted for himself. 

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“So I thought of sharing it with you guys since it’s my first time to be doing it and I also got in touch with my hairstylist Brent Sales to teach me the ‘How-tos’ of haircutting,” she said. 

Asked about the importance of grooming for men, Enchong said: “That’s how you represent yourself to other people, ‘di ba? ‘Yung mga damit namin wala naman masyado binabago eh. But the style of like your hair makes everything different.”



Bea, who achieved her goal of giving Enchong the hairstyle he wants, said: “I cannot believe it.” To which Enchong responded: “I’m so proud of you actually. Well, alam ko naman. Never naman ako nag-doubt because alam mo naman what looks good and what doesn’t look good to people.” 



Sharing her realizations after, “And I have to admit, I have so much respect for hairstylists and hairdressers because it’s not easy,” Bea said. 

At the end of the video, Bea Alonzo revealed that her mom owns a salon.