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Michael Pacquiao is nominated Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Michael Pacquiao gets a nomination in the 6th Wish Music Awards.


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11/08/2020 01:56 PM
Michael Pacquiao is nominated Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Photo Credit: @pacquiao.michael Instagram

Michael Pacquiao is nominated in the 6th Wish Music Awards as Breakthrough Artist of the Year. 

On his Twitter page, the young singer extended his gratitude to the radio station for the nomination.

"I thank the Lord most of all and I thank @wish1075 for giving me the opportunity 🙏 Bronze Wishclusive Elite Circle | Nominee for Wish 107.5 Breakthrough artist of the year!" he posted.

He added, "Thank you everyone for the support and I love you all. Thank you for listening to my music."



Michael is nominated in the category along with the band The Vowels They Orbit and Zild Benitez of IV of Spades.

Michael released his song "Hate" early this year. 

His live performance of the song already amassed more than 12 million views on Wish FM's YouTube channel as of this writing.

In August, Michael addressed criticisms against him as destractors pointed out that his success is mainly because of his last name.

“People would say, it has to do with my last name. But, you know, I understand naman. But at the same time, it’s like, I work hard to achieve what I am," he said in an interview with PEP back in August.

Michael remarked that his parents are really proud of him following the success of his song.

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“They’re really proud. They’re happy. They congratulated me. It’s really surprising how in a few days, it already reached millions," he stated.

When asked if his parents warned him about the possible criticisms he will receive once he enters the entertainment industry, Michael said that his parents were just supportive of his dreams.

“I think to them it’s like, ‘If you have a dream, you should follow it. We can’t stop anyone from achieving your goal. You have a lot of obstacles in the way, but you can conquer it. You just be patient lang.’ And they just supported me. They were proud. Happy," he remarked. 



New song coming soon 🔥 November 1 Stay Tuned 💯

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In November, Michael released his new song "Call Me?" which is his collaboration with artist Myc Priestley.