Too old to be a K-Pop fan? Sharon Cuneta responds: ‘That’s not true’

Sharon Cuneta is a certified Shawol.

Too old to be a K-Pop fan? Sharon Cuneta responds: ‘That’s not true’-PUSH TEAM


11/06/2020 04:22 PM
Too old to be a K-Pop fan? Sharon Cuneta responds: ‘That’s not true’
Screenshot from Sharon Cuneta Network YouTube Channel

Megastar Sharon Cuneta, a proud Shawol or SHINee fan, showed off her collection of various SHINee memorabilia as she talked about her love for the well-loved K-Pop group. 

“There’s no age limit to what makes you happy, to loving what you love — and I happen to love SHINee, that Korean boyband,” she said about her love for SHINee. 



The 54-year-old singer-actress, who said she often gets comments about being a K-Pop fan at her age, reiterated that it age doesn’t matter when it comes to being a fan. 

“Sometimes I get comments like ‘You’re too old to be a K-Pop fan’. No, that’s not true. I guess, for me, especially because I had my own show for so many years when I was in my twenties and thirties. And I did a lot of singing of all genres and a lot of dancing as well so I appreciate the dancing and singing and that just doesn’t end … it doesn’t stop,” she said. 

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She went on: “But really SHINee is good no matter what age you are. If anybody who knows SHINee or if by some miracle someone or a member of SHINee sees this, I can be your momma over here in the Philippines. I can be your Momma Shawol because I’ve been singing since I was 12, acting since I was 15, and I know when you want to hide and get away from everyone and I can hide you guys. No one will bother you if you want to take a break and rest. Anyway, I hope to meet you guys.” 

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On why she loves the K-Pop group, she said: “I love SHINee because I love their music. They’re known for doing complicated dance choreography and singing live very well at the same time. And they’ve filled up stadiums up to like what 50 thousand or maybe even more all over the world.”



Sharon also turned emotional after reading a letter sent to her by a fan from fan group Onew Philippines. 

“Oh you make my cry. You really did. I’m crying. I’m sorry I haven’t read the letter. I wanted to do it on this vlog. I didn’t want to open it and when they brought out my SHINee things … oh my Goodness you touched my heart,” she said. 

Watch the video below: 

At one point in the video, Sharon brought up the late member of the group — Jonghyun — who passed away in December 2017. 

“No offense and I am sorry to bring up some emotions because Shawols like myself are emotional when it comes to this guy. But of course, our Jonghyun whom we miss very much,” she said. 



“Actually, I need to tell you I’m wearing a shirt that was given to me by my makeup artist and friend Peachy last Christmas. She gave me two shirts .. this one [I’m wearing] and this one of Jonghyun. And when I opened the shirts and saw it was his face, I really cried like a baby because I miss him so much. I’m sure all you Shawols do as well,” she added. 

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While it’s been nearly three years since Jonghyun passed away, Sharon said the member of the K-Pop group will forever be remembered.

“And now ang natitira na lang silang apat but forever they will be SHINee 5 because they love each other and they say no one can take the place of Jonghyun who was their main vocalist,” she stated. 

SHINee debuted in 2008 under SM Entertainment.