Kyle Echarri asked: ‘Gaano mo kamahal si Francine?’

Are Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz more than friends?

Kyle Echarri asked: ‘Gaano mo kamahal si Francine?’ -PUSH TEAM


11/29/2020 02:23 PM
Kyle Echarri asked: ‘Gaano mo kamahal si Francine?’
Screenshot from Kyle Echarri YouTube Channel

Kyle Echarri, in his latest vlog, answered random questions from fans with his love team partner Francine Diaz. 

Ever since Kyle and Francine worked together in the hit Kapamilya Gold series “Kadenang Ginto,” fans have been wanting to see the couple take their onscreen romance to real-life. But right now, it seems fans have to simply appreciate the friendship the two of them have. 

Answering a fan question about how much he loves Francine, Kyle said: “Oh, so you chose the juiciest question you could choose. Well, siyempre ngayon, as a friend.” 

While that is the case, Kyle considers Francine special. “She knows a lot about me that I haven’t really told any other person.” A seemingly surprised Francine then responded: “Talaga?” 

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“Yeah. I mean Darren knows everything about me, but like Jayda knows everything about you, ‘di ba? Kinda like that,” Kyle explained. 

Francine answered back by saying: “Alam mo, kayo ni Darren iisang tao lang kayo, like promise. Tapos kami ni Jayda iisang tao lang kami. May mga na-didiscover kami sa isa’t-isa na ‘Ganyan din ako eh.” 

“Jayda’s just like the English version of you,” Kyle told Francine. To which Francine responded: “Oo Englishera version of me and mas talented sa mga instrumental kasi magaling siya sa piano.” 

Reiterating his previous answer to the question about how special Francine is to her, Kyle said: “Basta sobrang halaga niya bilang kaibigan sa akin.” 

Watch the video below: 

Francine, for her part, said Kyle plays a special role in her life. “Kasi may mga pagkakataon na hindi ko talaga alam ang gagawin ko kung wala akong kaibigan kagaya niya. In short, hindi ko alam kung paano ako dati kung wala siya,” Francine stated. 

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Admitting that Francine also changed him as a person,Kyle remarked: “Yeah same. ‘Cause there’s only a few people that you will meet that can change your life and Francine is one of those people.”