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WATCH: KC Concepcion showcases her shoe collection

Actress-host KC Concepcion gave her fans and followers a glimpse of her shoe collection in her newest YouTube video.



11/24/2020 01:00 PM
WATCH: KC Concepcion showcases her shoe collection
Screenshot from Kristina KC Concepcion YouTube Channel

Actress-host KC Concepcion gave her fans and followers a glimpse of her shoe collection in her newest YouTube video.

In the 21-minute vlog, which she uploaded Monday, November 23, KC explained that she's showing her shoe collection after getting numerous requests from fans.

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"This is every girl's dream—definitely mine—and I have so, so much to share with you. These are my shoes that all have a story, and through the years talagang collection ko 'to. Minsan lang talaga ako magpakita ng mga kagamitan ko, but this is something that you guys requested, so your wish is my command," she said. 

KC began by showing her collection of Christian Louboutin heels. 

"These are the heels or the shoes that first really caught my fancy. This is interesting for me because living out in France, I saw his very, very first boutique in Paris and I learned about him in Fashion History class. He has such a naughty side to him. I've never met him, but this is definitely a brand and a designer that I really adore," she said.

She also shared the highest pair of shoes she owns, which she wore during her hosting stint in the Binibining Pilipinas pageant in 2011 and 2016.

"Made in the Philippines 'to. Handmade, especially for me," she said. "Bakit ako nagpagawa ng ganito kataas na heels? Nag-host ako ng Binibining Pilipinas. At dahil ang liit ko—5'4" lang ako at 'yung mga contestant doon ay 5'10" yata, tapos naka-heels pa sila—siyempre kailangan naman natin tumangkad ng konti, 'di ba?"

"Sobrang taas niya. I think it's 6 inches or 7. Kunyari 5'4" ako, 5'11" na ako kapag sinuot ko 'to," she added.

Another item KC shared was her first pair of luxury shoes—pointed toe pumps by Spanish designer Manolo Blahnik—which she has owned since she was a teenager.

"Ever since 18 or 17 years old ako, ito na 'yung go-to heels ko. So guys, my very first luxury heels were Manolo Blahniks. My grandma, Mita Elaine, and Carrie Bradshaw were my shoe icons. My lola, Mita Elaine, loved shoes, jewelry, bags. She would always dress me up like her Barbie doll. 'Pag nakikita niyang lalabas ako, minsan papalitan niya 'yung damit ko kasi meron daw siyang something na mas bagay doon sa suot ko. And if I'm not mistaken, this might have come from her closet. I'm not even sure kasi sobrang tagal na," she explained. 

"Pero ito 'yung shoes na talagang nagdala sa 'kin from morning hanggang gabi. Kasi nga naga-aral nga ako, at the same time nagta-trabaho ako noong nasa kolehiyo ako," she said. "And I must say, my next collection will be talaga... I'm really declaring it na talaga. Sobrang dream ko talaga 'to—Manolo Blahniks. ... Next goal ko 'to kasi, as you can see, these are what? 15-year-old pointy toes and I still have them. I can still wear them. Sobrang tibay pa rin niya."

Sharing her advice to those who want to invest in luxury items, KC said: "I think the very first... Truthfully, I just want to encourage everybody to set goals first. Really just set your goals and work hard and earn money and save your money first. And whatever extra after you pay for all the things that you need to pay for, and support the people that you need to support, then that's the time you splurge."

"These are the things that I really cherish. I don't take it for granted na nabibili ko 'yung mga hilig ko. As somebody who enjoys dressing up and shopping, I still think that, especially in these times, it's so important to prioritize and to always have a goal... Dreams that you know that you want to turn these dreams into reality because you can. You can do what your heart is set out to do. But you have to make a plan of action. You have to dream—daydream, dream, and put your mind to it and work towards it everyday," she added.