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WATCH: Catriona Gray asked: ‘Are pageants still relevant?’

Catriona Gary believes it’s up to the pageant winner to act upon the title given to her.



11/24/2020 07:28 PM
WATCH: Catriona Gray asked: ‘Are pageants still relevant?’
Photo credit: @catriona_gray IG

In the latest episode of BJ Pascual’s online show Musings where he gets to interview his muses while preparing for a photoshoot, he got to ask Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray a number of questions about pageants. 

Catriona, who has done shoots with BJ when she was just 15 years old, looked back at some of her fondest memories with the photographer-to-the-stars. 



According to Catriona, winning the title is one thing but doing something after winning the crown is an entirely different thing. 

“I feel so. But it’s really in the hands of—in the beginning—the org and the majority, the girl. Because a title can just be a title — unless the girl makes it more than that,” she said. 

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The 26-year-old beauty queen said people have always viewed advocacies promoted and acted upon by pageant contestants as just for show. 

“Like me naman, example, when I was preparing for the pageant and I was doing my advocacy and my spokesperson work and all of these different things. There’s always that assumption na pang-pageant lang ‘yan,” she said. 

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But Catriona — who happens to be an advocate of numerous philanthropic acts such as children's’ rights — said it isn’t the case for her. 

“But it’s something that I really care for that’s why I still continue to do it until now. I didn’t need the title to kind of lean on that and be able to validate what I’m doing because it’s me eh. And that’s what I brought to the title,” she remarked. 



She added: “So it’s the same for any other girl. They could just leave the title as is like ‘I’m a Miss Universe and that’s it’ or you could add something else to it. It’s your choice.” 

On authenticity and other things that make a woman a beauty queen, she said: “I feel like professionalism is a big thing, too. To be easy to work with, to be good to work with. That also plays a big part. But yeah, like what you said, social media … everyone’s their own media now, everyone’s their own magazine, anyone can be a model in that way. It’s constantly trying to stand apart.” 

Watch the video below: 

The earnings from BJ Pascual’s Musings episode with Catriona will go directly to the Philippine Red Cross’s typhoon relief efforts. 

Catriona Gray was crowned Miss Universe in 2018.