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Rachelle Ann Go reveals she was scared to become a mother

London-based actress and singer Rachelle Ann Go talks about her pregnancy journey.



11/24/2020 08:58 AM
Rachelle Ann Go reveals she was scared to become a mother
Photo Credit: @gorachelleann Instagram

After announcing her pregnancy in her latest YouTube vlog titled, New Season in the Spies Family, Rachelle Ann Go-Spies and husband Martin Spies have been preparing to become parents in their home in London. The couple just celebrated their second wedding anniversary last April. In her latest Instagram post last November 23, Rachelle reveals how she felt when she first found out she was pregnant. 

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She wrote, “If you asked me few months ago when are we going to have a baby... I will always tell you that ‘I’m not ready yet!!’ and ‘maybe next year, I still need to finish my contract/show!’  

“When everything shuts down here, I felt like maybe this is the right time to start a family... I kept looking at baby videos! It was so weird because I know I was too scared to give birth (ouchie!) Also, I was reluctant to pray for it because what if I’m not ready to be a mama yet?! I had to be sure I was ready because in my experience, every time I ask God for something He usually give it right away🤣

“*(Be careful what you pray for🤪)

“Then one day we prayed for a baby... I remember I told God ‘Lord if you think we are ready, then okay fine give us a baby!!!’ Hahaha! Then surprise... we have this blessing right away!🤰🏻 I didn’t know I was pregnant up until eight weeks’ time🤣”

The 34-year-old theater actress also shared some advice for other women who might be facing the same initial fears and worries she had before getting pregnant. 

“I remember someone told me before that we will never know when we are ready. We just have to trust in His desires and will for us.

“You might be like me, scared to face motherhood... It’s okay to feel that way and acknowledge that. It is really scary but remember we are strong women. 🏽 Don’t let other people’s experiences turn you off(I’ve heard so many horror stories ), our bodies are all different. We can all cope. You can cope with it!!!

You might be praying for a baby for a long time, just be patient—His timing is always perfect.♥️

You might’ve experienced a loss, God is not over writing your story yet... hold on to Him.

His grace is always sufficient.”



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The couple first met after being introduced by a common friend in 2017 and got engaged in 2018. They spent more time together during Rachelle’s stint in Broadway doing Miss Saigon in New York City where Martin was originally based. They tied the knot in a beautiful beach wedding in Boracay in April 2018.