Kris Bernal makes a stand against body shaming: ‘Let’s make sure to not tolerate it’

Kris Bernal recalls how she was body-shamed online.

Kris Bernal makes a stand against body shaming: ‘Let’s make sure to not tolerate it’-PUSH TEAM


11/24/2020 11:41 AM
Kris Bernal makes a stand against body shaming: ‘Let’s make sure to not tolerate it’
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Kris Bernal took to social media to make a stand against body shaming.

The actress revealed that she herself has been bullied online because of her body. 

"At one time or another, you might have experienced body shaming the same way that I did. Waking up every day to people commenting on my body wasn’t easy at all. Thankfully, I am pretty headstrong and kept channeling all this negativity into my work. I would look myself in the mirror, smile, and say, ‘Always choose kindness. You are beautiful,’" Kris shared. 

She reminded her followers that each one of us has a unique body type. 

"Literally, 'NO BODY' is perfect and people must always be reminded of that. If you are also a victim of body shaming, I understand you and let’s make sure to not tolerate it. Let’s educate people on what is right. People are skinny, curvy, tall, short, petite, large, and that’s just the reality of things!" she stated. 



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The actress added that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way.

"You are beautiful whatever your shape is because you are God’s creation.  ️ When you know your worth and value from God, no one can already make you feel worthless, less valuable, or unloved," she stated.

This is not the first time that Kris made such a revelation about being body-shamed. 

In August, the actress shared that she has been called names online because of her body type. 

"Even though I love fitness so much, it's not always a perfect journey. Alam niyo, I'm naturally thin. I'm naturally small. And may mga tao talagang nagba-bash sa akin," she revealed in a vlog in August. 



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Kris added, "Like, sasabihin nila, anorexic daw ako, bulimic and, like, too thin. But you know, in all honesty, it's just my body type. It's my genes. I'm [an] endomorph... [or] the body type that is the most resistant to gaining weight or gaining muscle because of our fast metabolism. Sobrang bilis ng metabolism ko. Like, no matter how much I eat, hindi talaga ako tabain." 

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She also shared that while she is naturally thin because of her genes, she said that she works out because it keeps her healthy.

"Minsan lang din, yes, may mga ganun akong insecurities na, 'Bakit ka ba nagwo-work out? Eh ang payat payat mo na. Hindi ka na mukhang healthy.' Ganyan," she went on. "Pero sa totoo lang kasi, ever since I started working out, ever since I got into this fitness lifestyle, as in, ito 'yung healthiest ko. Ito 'yung masasabi kong hindi ako nagkakasakit, and ito 'yung pinaka-best feeling. So, ang hirap lang din ipaintindi sa mga tao na hindi porket payat ka, eh. bawal ka na mag-work out," she remarked.