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WATCH: Julia Barretto gives a glimpse of her bag, shoe, and dress collection in closet tour

Julia Barretto has a special drawer for things that have a sentimental value.

WATCH: Julia Barretto gives a glimpse of her bag, shoe, and dress collection in closet tour-PUSH TEAM


11/22/2020 11:25 AM
WATCH: Julia Barretto gives a glimpse of her bag, shoe, and dress collection in closet tour
Screenshot from Julia Barretto YouTube Channel

Julia Barretto gave a tour of her walk-in closet inside her new house for the first time. 

The 23-year-old actress said she was hesitant at first to give fans a glimpse of her personal space. But since she has been receiving positive responses from her vlog, she eventually decided to grant their most highly-requested videos.  


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“I am so excited yet nervous at the same time for this episode because I don’t think I’ve shared with anybody my personal space. And I’ve never felt comfortable with that idea. But your response … they have been so overwhelming, so positive. And as a way to show my gratitude and to say thank you, we are finally giving you one of your most highly-requested vlogs,” she said. 

In the vlog, Julia showed the first-ever bag she bought for herself when she started working in showbiz. 

Sirang-sira na siya. Naluma na siya actually pero ayoko siyang ipamigay because it’s where I started. So it’s a black Balenciaga as you could see. Ito ang pinakauna kong bag and purchase ko when I started working. Pero nandiyan lang siya kasi may attachment ako sa kanya,” she shared. 

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Julia shared how her love for shoes started out, revealing she wasn’t into shoes in the beginning. 

“When I was starting out — when I got back in the business — because I was around 15 or 16 years old. And then I remember I had my very first event with a lot more girls who are also in the industry. Pero ‘yun nga, parang first time ko lang ulit sa industriya,” she said. 

She added: “So hindi ko pa alam ‘yung importance of having you know, having good, quality shoes. I remember I just bought one pair na hindi siya designer — hindi siya masyado good quality.”  


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Julia went on to recall a moment when she got embarrassed because she didn’t have signature shoes like others in the industry. That moment prompted her to buy several pairs for herself. 

“And then I remember me and the other girls were all in one dressing room. Tapos nakikita ko pumapasok lahat ng mga designer shoes nila like Christian Louboutin … like a lot of Christian Louboutins. And then I remember in that moment naiyak talaga ako sa dressing room because I felt like parang na-embarrass because I didn’t have good, quality shoes … because I didn’t have my own pair of Christian Louboutins at that time. Medyo na-sad ako. Naiyak ako sa moment na ‘yun,” she said. 

“But I said myself, I’m want to work so hard para when we fly to LA, pupunta ako talaga sa bawat Christian Louboutin na store and but many pairs. So pagpunta talaga namin ng LA, pinuntahan talaga namin lahat nang makikita kong Christian Louboutins and bought myself a lot of pairs. And then now, ayan na siya,” she continued. 


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But according to Julia, things have changed as her priorities shifted since then. “You know, it’s funny because shoes lang dati ‘yung okay I want to work so hard because I want to buy this pair. Pero siyempre, hindi na ako masyado bumibili ng mga bags tsaka shoes kasi mas careful na ako sa expenses ko. Adulting stage na ako. So I take care of my bills now — electricity, water, pang-sweldo, house, everything,” she said. 

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Sharing the inspiration behind the design of her closet, she said: “When we were building this house, tinanong ako nung gumawa ng closet ko was ano ‘yung important for me ‘pag sa bag collection ko na and shoe collection and I specifically said na I wanted these kind of lights because ito ‘yung palagi nating nakikita sa mga stores and it’s just so nice to look at your items ‘pag may ganitong lights. You feel like nagsa-shopping ka lang all over again pero sa’yo na ‘yung mga items.” 

Among Julia’s favorites bags from her collection are a Gucci mini bag and a YSL bag. Meanwhile, her favorite footwear are Givenchy, Chanel, and Hermes shoes, as well as several pairs of Christian Louboutins. 

Julia also has a sentimental drawer where she stores some of the most important items in her life including her grandfather’s polo shirts and a 23-year-old blanket. 

Going through her collection of dresses, Julia showed a simpler side of her as she revealed that she hasn’t bought any signature dress before. 

Watch the video below: 

Julia also gave a glimpse of her fragrance collection. “I started collecting perfumes ang tagal na. I think since I was a teenager. I just found so much happiness in scents and I enjoyed just finding the best and right scents for me and it kind of became an obsession,” Julia said.