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  • Now 28 weeks pregnant, Andi Eigenmann is reunited with partner Philmar Alipayo. 

WATCH: Andi Eigenmann explains why it took Philmar Alipayo six months to fly to Manila

Now 28 weeks pregnant, Andi Eigenmann is reunited with partner Philmar Alipayo. 



11/21/2020 12:35 PM
WATCH: Andi Eigenmann explains why it took Philmar Alipayo six months to fly to Manila
Screenshots from Happy Islanders YouTube Channel

Andi Eigenmann marked the 28th week of her pregnancy with a reunion with her partner Philmar Alipayo. 

According to Andi, the energy of her daughter Lilo surged when her partner arrived from Siargao. 

Hindi ko alam kung saan nanggaling ang bago niyang energy. She’s so active. I’m so proud. Ganun na siya ngayon, hindi na katulad before,” she said. 

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Sharing what she learned while she was hundreds of miles away from Philmar, Andi said: “One of the good things that came out of us na magkahiwalay kami for six months na wala si Papa and siya gumagawa ng lahat. So because naghiwalay kami and ako lang nandito, I learned.”

Now that Philmar is back, Andi said she’s now able to spend more time with Ellie like the old times.  

“The advantage of Philmar coming here already while he bonds with Lilo and he spends quality time with her, I get to hang out with Ellie like old times. Papa and Lilo went downstairs to enjoy the sun,” she said. 

Apart from spending time outdoors, the Happy Island family also had a great bonding session inside their home, eating together, and doodling on the wall. 

Explaining why it took Philmar six months to fly to Manila, Andi said: “We’re so happy because now, our home has been more energetic than ever kasi nadagdagan pa kami ng isa and kumpleto na kami. So super saya. For those who have been wondering why Philmar only flew back now, it’s because we belong on the island.” 

She added: “That’s where we moved. So we wanted to keep our hopes up that we’ll be able to find our way to head back. But you know, due to everything that’s happening around us, ‘di ‘yun nangyari.” 

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Andi then went on to say that Philmar had to stay until the construction of their new home in in Siargao was finished. 

“And so we waited for Papa to finish working on our home for us in Siargao. So this is our home that will eventually be open to others. We worked on it and really spent all of his time there on the island — making sure that we will be able to fly back for me, Ellie and Lilo. That we will be able to stay there na,” she said. 

Andi added that she feels proud of her partner for being able to pull things through on his own, saying: “I’m super proud of Papa because di niya lahat kaya ‘yun. As in sabi niya, wala akong alam sa house and all. Pero wala, pandemic. With everything that’s happened hindi natin mapipigilan. Wala ako dun. Si Papa gumawa ng lahat kahit sinabi niyang hindi pa niya alam. Now, he knows. So I’m so proud.” 

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Having done things on her own while Philmar was away, Andi said: “Well, sa isla kasi si Philmar nag-impluwensya sa akin. Natuto ako maglinis and all. Lagi naman sinasabi ‘yun. Pero dahil wala siya, na-force ako na talagang gawin ‘yun lahat na maging efficient. ang gawin ‘yung mga bagay na normally ako dapat ‘yung mas may alam which is ‘yung pagdating nga sa bahay.”