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‘Alter Me’ star Jasmine Curtis Smith reveals her secret fantasy

‘Alter Me’ star Jasmine Curtis Smith talks about her romantic sexy film with Enchong Dee.

‘Alter Me’ star Jasmine Curtis Smith reveals her secret fantasy-PUSH TEAM


11/19/2020 08:49 AM
‘Alter Me’ star Jasmine Curtis Smith reveals her secret fantasy
Photo Credit: @jascurtissmith Instagram

After playing the role of an uptight Human Resources manager who finds sexual release in the alter community in the new digital film Alter Me, Jasmine Curtis Smith said that she picked up some learnings from the growth of her character throughout the film. 

“When it comes to love for Aimee, I learned that you really have to give it to yourself also. She kept trying to figure out herself in a way na hindi pala tama or she kept trying to release herself na hindi tama. And that in turn was a way of her not loving herself properly. It wasn’t also allowing her to love the people around her, the people that she worked with, the people that she was meeting or encountering. Nawalan din siya ng empathy and I think that’s something that I learned and picked up from Aimee kasi ayoko yun.

“So it’s more of learning what not to do from how Aimee was prior and then towards the end, it’s about being open and loving that openness because with that openness comes love. You encounter it so many different ways and from so many different people. And if you can’t be open, you’ll never really feel the authenticity of love,” she said.

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Despite showing a glimpse of the alter community and the relationships of the people who are active in it, Jasmine said Alter Me is more focused on their character’s journey after meeting online.

“For Aimee, she wasn’t so much using the alter world as a work or for income, she was just using it as a release so it shows you the different uses for it. Some people will use it because they need to advance, they need to earn, they need money. Some people like me can afford to use it just for fun, to just lurk around or even to have fun by booking someone talaga. So they were just key factors in identifying the backdrop of our film and also showcasing differences of the characters more than anything I think.

“And sex for Aimee, she didn’t really get it in the film but I guess in the context of where we are and in the country that we live in, Aimee was hesitant and maybe thinking twice,” she explained.

During the Netflix’s Alter Me media interview, Jasmine revealed her own fantasies in real life, both in and outside the bedroom. “I have fantasy to be on Netflix and now I’m on it. (But when getting intimate) by the beach (laughs). But ayoko sa sand. No sand,” she said.

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For those who are curious or want to get involved in the alter community, Jasmine said to always be informed and keep an open mind.

“I think if you’re growing up in this day and age and you’re wise about your actions, if you take all that precautions, if you educate yourself properly about experiences you want to try like sex, then there shouldn’t be any judgement on that and on yourself more than anyone kasi experience mo yan eh and that’s something that can make you grow as a person and also as a future partner to someone. Pero kanya kanya yan. Walang sapilitan. It’s really kung ano yung background mo. Mahirap kasi yung sex eh (laughs),” she explained.

Alter Me also stars Enchong Dee and is directed by RC Delos Reyes and written by Danno Kristoper C. Mariquit under Viva Films and Ten17P. Alter Me is available across Asia on Netflix.