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Bettina Carlos on celebrities helping typhoon Ulysses victims: ‘Everyone is doing something to help’

Actress and host Bettina Carlos talks about gratefulness and positivity in times of COVID-19.

Bettina Carlos on celebrities helping typhoon Ulysses victims: ‘Everyone is doing something to help’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/18/2020 06:29 PM
Bettina Carlos on celebrities helping typhoon Ulysses victims: ‘Everyone is doing something to help’
Photo credit to @abettinnacarlos on Instagram

After getting engaged last October to her non-showbiz boyfriend, Mikki Eduardo, actress and host Bettina Carlos said she and her daughter Gummy have continued to help others by preparing food for them even during the ECQ lockdown period earlier this year.

“Our talents, kaming mga medyo maalam sa kusina, we could cook meals that may not directly go to Cagayan but to the people who are actually helping [to feed] those who are helping people to help them mobilize and repack goods. Our church is conducting relief operations as well, gathering donations and packing and dispatching them,” she said during the Tiger Crackers Kitchen Snack Hacks launch held earlier this month. 

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The 32-year-old former Star Magic Artist said she does not usually make her generous efforts public but she couldn’t help but share how she felt after hearing about what happened in Marikina after typhoon Ulysses swept through the country last week.

“May konting apprehension din being public about it but just the same, I’m sure everyone is doing something to help everyone right now. I feel so privileged that we have this following that we can utilize to spread the word out there to encourage others to donate and to reach out to others and to gather groups para mas malaki yung efforts. I also want to encourage all the individuals out there, our efforts don’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to entail purchasing large amounts of those kinds of donations. In our own little way, kung lahat tayo may gagawing maliliit, malaki yung impact nun eh. Even in our community, I live in Pasig, in a condo and my heart broke when I woke up that morning because pagtingin ko sa bintana, kita ko yung Pasig river. Yung maliit na kalsada along Pasig river was flooded. And my dad lives in Marikina so he lost kuryente, walang tubig, and I couldn’t go there. Pero praise God kasi the next day humupa na yung tubig and we were finally able to go to them. Even cars dinala nila sa mall tapos stranded yung mga tao. So they had to walk going home. Siguro tayong lahat in our own communities, kung anong laman ng ref niyo na hindi niyo pa kakainin for the day and you have a nearby grocery na kaya mong mag-grocery para sa inyo, kung ano yung meron ka na puwede mo munang iuna sa iba, we can do that. We can start with just that. Small efforts like that,” she explained.

While doing home quarantine, Bettina said she has discovered more things about her daughter. “She’s a very compassionate person. Very discerning siya. Yung sa community namin mismo, the janitors, the guards, and all, to her we should give whatever we have to them, whether it’s a sandwich or kung ano mang luto namin na extra, she’s so willing to give to them,” she said.

As a single mom, Bettina saids she chose to be thankful to get to spend more family bonding time these past few months rather than complain or worry about the situation. “I’m so thankful that even if we live in a condo, may balcony, may ground floor, may hallway. So we did not feel so constrained about the limitations in terms of movement and I think aside from the physical going out, it’s also what we do inside, how we process the situation. Especially as a mother, I think it’s so important. Kinakausap natin yung mga anak natin to teach them about what’s happening and the deeper reasons for those. So instead of worrying that we’re stuck at home, it’s really an opportunity to change perspective. For us to think what’s good can this time bring about to our relationships and in our lives? We did not feel cabin fever. I’m so thankful that we’re happy being safe at home. We were praying, we were getting to know each other. We busied ourselves with activities. Ang dami pa lang mas worthwhile things to spend our time on. It’s worth it to pray and process it with your children. Change your perspective about the situation. 

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For this year’s Christmas celebration, Bettina said she plans to continue the yearly tradition she has with her daughter. “My birthday is on Christmas day. Two in one lagi mga gifts ko. But I’ve learned to teach my child talaga na not because it’s my birthday it’s going to be all about me and me receiving gifts. It’s really more about us blessing others. So for ten years now we cook on Christmas day ng morning, ke sandwich yan, ke spaghetti yan or ano man yan, or just Tiger crackers to give away, however we can spread love through food, we do that, kaming mag-ina. So ako nag-da-drive, siya nag-di-distribute ng food. We go around the streets naghahanap lang ng mga tao that we can bless. And then yung noche buena the night before always naman with family talaga,” she shares.