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WATCH: Sharon Cuneta introduces furbabies, explains why all her dogs are ‘hypoallergenic’

Sharon Cuneta encouraged those who want to have dogs to adopt and not shop.

WATCH: Sharon Cuneta introduces furbabies, explains why all her dogs are ‘hypoallergenic’-PUSH TEAM


11/13/2020 11:48 AM
WATCH: Sharon Cuneta introduces furbabies, explains why all her dogs are ‘hypoallergenic’
Screenshots from Sharon Cuneta Network YouTube Channel

Sharon Cuneta introduced her dogs at home in her newest vlog. 

According to Sharon, she’s always been a dog lover even when she was still a kid — and proof of that was her dog which was featured in the film P.S. I Love You.

“My love for dogs started when I was a little girl. But it was my brother who always had dogs tapos parang ‘pag nagkaanak, biglang ibibigay niya sa akin ‘yung [puppy]. And the dogs that I love the most, I remember, before Solomon, was a Japanese Spitz that I named Blondie,” she said. 

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“She was in the movie P.S. I Love You, Pero doon, hindi ko alam kung bakit ayaw nilang gamitin ‘yung ‘Blondie,’ pinangalanan siyang Bubbles. Siya ‘yung puting aso sa P.S. I Love You na Bubbles ‘yung pangalan,” she added. 

According to Sharon, the death of Blondie brought her so much pain she decided not to have dogs for a time. But a fan of hers who happened to be Japanese eventually reignited her love for dogs. 

“When Blondie died, I never wanted another dog again. Until one day, I was doing The Sharon Cuneta Show at the Delta Theater, meron akong fan na Hapon na may dalang Shih Tzu na maliit na male. I was newly-married to Kiko (Pangilinan) then. It was a little 4-month-old male that I named Solomon because Oprah Winfrey’s dog she named Solomon,” she said. 

She went on: “So I fell so much in love with him. Ang tagal ni Solomon sa amin. ‘Di ko nga alam kung 12 or 14 years old. Shih Tzu rin siya. So I loved him so much katabi rin namin ni Kiko sa bed ‘yun tapos nagpunta kami ng Boston isang taon, tapos pagbalik namin parang aatakihin siya sa puso sa saya.

“I felt guilty when Solomon passed away because he was our baby and the Frankie came and it was like he was neglected. Neglect in the sense na hindi na siya sa amin natutulog. And I carried that guilt for so long I didn’t want a Shih Tzu anymore. 

While she eventually had dogs of other breeds after Solomon’s death, she was “in denial” that she still wanted a Shih Tzu. So her husband Kiko came home one day and surprised her with a Shih Tzu she named Daisy. 

“Kiko came in one day with a little 4-month-old Shih Tzu. This beautiful girl, Mama’s girl. Ito talagang [si Daisy] dikit to Mama,” she said. 

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While she wanted to have more rescue dogs, she said most of her dogs are hypoallergenic because her children have asthma. 

“I’ve always been a dog person. And all my dogs should really be hypoallergenic because my kids have asthma. They’re allergic. Pero ang hirap kasi wala naman talagang asong 100% hypoallergenic. Pero du’n na ako sa aso sa na tinatawag na hypoallergenic na breeds kasi na-aallergy sila. ‘Yung biglang sisipunin, uubuhin, lalagnatin,” she said.



She added: “Si Miel nag-bibreakout … ‘yung nagpapantal bigla na pula tapos hindi makahinga. Tapos si Frankie din nagbi-breakout. Si Miguel lalagnatin pa.” 

Sharing how the “queen of them all” — Daisy — makes her husband feel happy, she said: “Ang hilig pa naman sa aso ng mga anak ko. They all love the dogs very much like I do. And ito, kahit mainit ang ulo ni Kiko, ‘pag nakita niya si Daisy, nawala na lahat. So ‘pag naiinis siya, ihaharap ko lang sa kanya si Daisy.” 

Sharon introduced her Shih Tzus Pippi ,Halle, Sully,  Daisy, Bichon Frise Arie, Giant Silver Poodle Bella, Coton de Tulear Pixie, Red Toy Poodle Pinky, and Toy Poodle Cookie.

Watch the video below: 

Sharon also talked about her dog named Rosie who was a rescued Chow-Chow that she got from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). 

Matanda na siya when she got rescued and ni-nurse siya back to health. And when I finally got her, she had really just a few more years to live. But we wanted to give her a really comfortable, loving home bago siya pumanaw,” she said.

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Sharon also said her dogs have become her source of stress reliever. 

“They really reduce my stress levels. Whatever stress level you have, when you get home and they greet you. The love is so focused on you and directed at you. It’s so unconditional. It’s pure love. And dogs are just really affectionate,” she said. 

Sharing advice to those who want to have dogs, she said: “It’s better to adopt than to shop. Aspins are actually very, very smart. And you would be doing everyone a favor if you could adopt a dog or a cat from PAWS and other pet orphanages.”