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Richard Gomez on daughter Juliana dating: ‘Hindi mo naman pwede pigilan’

Richard Gomez is fully aware that dating ‘is part of life.’

Richard Gomez on daughter Juliana dating: ‘Hindi mo naman pwede pigilan’-PUSH TEAM


11/13/2020 10:49 AM
Richard Gomez on daughter Juliana dating: ‘Hindi mo naman pwede pigilan’
Photo credit: @gomezjuliana Instagram

With his daughter Juliana now all grown up, Richard Gomez admitted that he can only do so much to prevent her from having a boyfriend.

In an interview with G3 San Diego, Richard shared how he feels about seeing his unica hija bloom into a lady before his very eyes—and part of it was seeing boys try their luck to win his daughter’s heart.

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“She’s growing up to be a beautiful lady. I’ve seen her grow from a toddler. Now she’s 20 years old already. And nakikita ko maraming umaaligid-aligid na mga lalaki sa tabi-tabi diyan,” he said.

Sharing how he feels about his daughter going on dates, Richard said he would rather allow his daughter go on dates than see her sneaking out.



“Well, dating is part of life, you know. It’s a part of growing up. Hindi mo naman pwede pigilan na ‘wag ka mag-date. Kasi eventually, if you do that, they’ll end up making takas. And you don’t want that to happen,” he said.

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Having experienced it himself during his teenage days, he said his daughter would often introduce him to all the friends she is seeing.

“So ako naman, as a growing teenager at that time, I would allow her to go out with friends, enjoy sila, dinner sila. And then some friends would go to the house and join us for dinner. She would introduce me to different friends,” he said.

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Admitting that he always feels speechless whenever Juliana would introduce a guy, Richard said: “At times, I’m out of words ha. Sometimes, I just can’t say anything. Ganun talaga ang buhay. Ganun’n lang reaksiyon ko.

Juliana made headlines when Aga Muhlach’s son Andres brought her as a date to the latter’s prom. But even though it sparked speculations that there might be a brewing romance between the two, Juliana made it clear that they are just friends.

During the interview, Richard shared how Aga Muhlach called him up to ask permission for his son to bring Juliana as a date.

“I remember Aga texted me first. Sabi niya, ‘Pare, pwede ako tumawag?’ Sabi ko, ‘Okay, okay’ Tapos nu’ng tumawag si Aga sabi niya, ‘Gusto ko sanang ma-date sana ni Andres si Juliana para sa prom niya.’ Nako sabi ko let him call her kasi saken okay lang ‘yun. Then that’s how it all began. So I guess Andres called up Juliana,” he said.

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According to Richard, it was during that time when he realized how fast time goes by.

“Sabi ko kay Aga, ‘Pare, ang bilis talaga ng panahon ‘no? Ngayon, ‘yung mga anak natin, sila na ‘yung lumalabas. Noon, tayo lang ang tumatawag sa mga magulang,” he said.



On his reaction upon seeing the photos of his daughter with Andres, he stated: “Well, when I saw the pictures, kasi I was in Ormoc when they had the prom. Sabi ko they looked good together. Juliana’s beautiful, si Andres is very good-looking. He’s tall. They look good together.